Discussion on the various characters throughout the books.
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Besides the fact that I like Bella and Edward's relationship and how it was going, James is the second reason why I can't put the book down. :D . His presence gave me the goosebumps. and the way his mind works when he's hunting is very efficient and unique. :P
Sometimes, I daydream and think, what would happen if Emmett and Jasper hadn't killed him...hhhmmm...

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he would scare me any day!
everytime i see a scruffy pale gut with a blonde ponytail i :shock:
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I like James. Well I like everybody but Victoria. Moving on...James is cool. You don't see much but it gives Twilight its edge. I guss I have a thing for the villins. They shoulld win more.
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I dont really hate James. He is very intruiging. And might I say that the actor playing him was a genious choice. If you see Cam Gigandet in Never Back Down, he plays creepy very well. A little too well. But he is more good-looking (without the ponytail) than I pictured James. But, be serious, there are going to be bad vampires who will try to kill Bella, being a human (for now). So James wasnt all that bad, its Victoria that is worse, because she would not give up, no matter what. But I like James, he is very......interesting.

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