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News and announcements pertaining to Stephenie Meyer.
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Post by Taxi »

Yay! I enjoyed that! :D
I loved her story about how she didn't read all of Breaking Dawn to her son. xD
And Doc = Seth. I thought that was cool too. I think I'm going to have to read The Host again. Sometime soon.

And did y'all see the Dallas Morning news? In the Arts, Culture & Entertainment section there's a giiiiaaant picture of Stephenie. Hehe.
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Post by Calli »

I just saw that picture, actually... right after we got back. I was still all giddy from the signing, so I screamed a little bit.

Did any of you happen to get to sign the shirt, by the way? It went a long way down row G and some around H and I, plus a few others while we were waiting to get in the building. She really liked it. :]

It all went by too fast! I wanted to ask her if we could take her out to lunch or something afterward, because I would have killed to be able to just sit and talk with her. She's so sweet, and I admire her so much for coming and talking to all of us like that, not to mention spending how many hours scribbling on 3000+ books. Heh.

Hm. Guess I'm off to go bask awhile in the awesomeness that I just witnessed.
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Post by girl_wonder »

hey guys, i just came back from the signing(we made a detour and bought a pizza,lol) it was awesooome. Stephenie is incredibly nice and just plain great. i wish she could have talked more. it was so much fun.
escept for the part where when i got up o nthe stage i all of the sudden felt like fainting, i seriously thought i'd fall over.

Calli- Oh the red shirt right? i signed that outside, i pretty much ruined it with my name, it came out so bad. :oops: i couldn't write it properly,lol.
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Post by Mari »

AGH!! I am so sorry for not showing up at iHOP. Traffic was HORRIBLE plus we had to make a stop in Irving on the way there that took alot longer then we thought.

But, I had a fun time. I was in row G and the t-shirt didnt get to me. But I was able to pass out Kathaleen's Edward's Lullaby bookmarks. Everyone seemed to like them. For those of you who didnt get one here is her myspace url:

I was happy to see all of the excitement that was going on!
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Post by rainydays_alanna »

sorry guys i couldn't meet up with ya'll. there were three of us in total me, my sis, and a friend but we were running late so there was no way we could have made it. we got at the school at 1:50. luckily we had good seats so it didn't matter what time we got there. it was so amazing i'm really glad that i made an effort to get up on tuesday and get tickets. it's one of my best experiences :)
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Post by MuffinsRock74 »

Today was amazing!!! Stephenie has really inspired me to keep on writing!! I wanted to continue writing my book the second I got home, except I felt so horrible because I didn't eat lunch. So instead I sat here an uploaded all my media!! Finally got it off my camera (it was being really stupid). So here it all is for anyone who wants to relive it!! (sorry for it being shaky at times, it was hard to find a position where I could film her and hold it steady)

1. Introduction
2. Inspiration
3. Anti-human
4. Twilight to The Host
5. Characters
6. Adults vs. Teens
7. The Soul
8. Ordinary Girl
9. Reading to sons
10. Jane hates Alice
11. Book Covers
12. Characters lie
13. 4 Books
14. The Movie
15. Publishing [url]
16. Plot
17. Other Stories

Pictures (none of these are any good, everything came out so dark)
1. Autograph ... 69.jpg?v=0
2. Signing ... 9d.jpg?v=0
3. Preparing to sign ... bf.jpg?v=0
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Post by pokerjoe92 »

WOW, Stephenie is even more amazing in person, I'm so glad I rolled my butt out of bed on Tuesday to buy The Host. When I finally got up to the table, after about 4hrs there, I couldn't resist asking a very stupid question that I've wanted the answer to forever, here's the direct quote:

Me: (puts hands on table and leans forward a little) I have a question for you. If you lit a vampire on fire would it kill them or do you HAVE to pull them apart first?
Her: (laughs) Well, they're pretty fast, they'd probably just be able to beat it out before it hurt them.
Me: (seriously) Thank you

Then I proceeded to LMAO all the way off stage, down the hall, to the car, and on the way home. I'm still in shock that I really asked that.
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Post by masara »

it was amazing. i was in row c of the auditorium. and she put happy birthday into a copy of the host for my best friend. she was so nice. i love how you can meet total strangers and instantly be friends with them, just because of twilight. but my friends (who didn't get tickets early because of an AP test) were in row f of the cafeteria. so i waited for about three hours afterward, and lovingly beheld the books that stephenie meyer actually touched.
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