the look of the cullens

Discussion about the Twilight movie. It's all speculation until Summit Films actually produces a script and casts it.
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Post by ;TABITHA* »

im really stoked on the cast
i didnt imagine that it would be possible to find people that were evn close the the vampires in my head
but once again ive bin amazed
the cullen family is super awesome
im really excited to see what the makeup crew does with them
that is gunne be one hell of a job

i think that alice and rosalie are the best cast
but the other ones are still really up there

wow im excited for this movie haha
your exactly my brand of heroin

anyone addicted to twilight
who has facebook
should join my group

[ i wake up every morning and think " one day closer to august 2nd" ]

it would be super awesome if more people joined
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Post by Modelisous »

to be totally honest i was most worried about Peter as Carlisle, he looked like some big, rich guy in those shoots [yes Carlisle is rich but you get my meaning..] but in the pics with Stephenie it proved me wrong, he looks so Carlisle-y! :]
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Post by Unchallenged »

Modelisous wrote:to be totally honest i was most worried about Peter as Carlisle, he looked like some big, rich guy in those shoots [yes Carlisle is rich but you get my meaning..] but in the pics with Stephenie it proved me wrong, he looks so Carlisle-y! :]
i was exactly the same

now he looks like wow!-talk about transformation
he also looks really caring

esme looks amazingly motherly
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Post by xoxgoodbye »

After seeing the pics by cometomamma/Amy Howe... they've definetely perfected the Cullen look!
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Post by SnowWhite »

I think they have done a great job with the cullens and about the whole alice hair thing..come on people its like 2 inchs :? and as for jaspers hair ok the pub photos i just laughed at they were just a couple of quick photos so they could get a feel of what they would look like together as for his hair now i like the whole curly fro thing hes got going on it makes him look sexy 8) lol
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Post by vampiregrrrl110 »

My friend has this thing about stealing my fictional men when she sees how great their personality is, or how hot they're supposed to be.

She doesn't read.

And, she already loves Jasper. Luckily, she goes for dog instead of vamp. because if she tried to take Edward. . .well. . . .let's just say I, unlike the Cullens, have fangs.

And I'm not afraid to use them.

I'd really love to see the dark circles under their eyes. That's the one thing I have trouble imagining. Also, How the topaz of their eyes will clash with their natural skin tones. But, then again; they'll have on make-up to make them pale.

I also want to see the 'sparkling in the sun' part. that should be awesome.

And, you are SO not alone. When the movie comes out, all those newbies who just think Edward or Jacob was hot, without understanding the love of the book, or any other hidden themes. . . . it's WAR.

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Post by s_t_3_f_ii »

im hoping they will make the cullens look like how they are described in the book... i dun think they will b able to do the sparkeling but the picturesi have seen from on d set they have the gorguz golden eyes and are very pale!
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Post by Edward's Vampheart »

I think that the actors they have cast for the Cullen family are as close as anyone would be able to get to the real thing!

I especially think that Ashley Greene for Alice was a good idea!
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Post by PirateMe »

I'm constantly wondering how Edward will sparkle in the movie. :wink:
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Post by awesomepossum »

ohh me too! I'm really looking forward to the meadow scene.

I think that he Cullens look perfect. I'm looking forward to pictures of Carlisle and Esme from the movie set.
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