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Post by michL87 »

The scariest for me was when you could tell something was wrong with Edward and that he was thinking about leaving her. And then it was even scarier when he told her all that stuff in the woods about not caring about her anymore. I was scared for Bella, and scared for their relationship.

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Post by Tempted »

Scariest part for me, when Alice came to visit and she was so... anti-Alice she was so morbid. Im so used to her being the one that makes me smile but alas. So pretty much her whole visit including when they got the call from 'Carlisele' called asking where Charlie was and Jake said he was at a funeral...but Carlisele was Edward and Alice came back in saying that she had seen the future about Bella cliff diving and now Edward was commiting suicide...I was like woah, not exactly sad but very creeped out and all about Alice's behavior and Edward and all
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Post by Forlornhope13 »

None of it was scary for me. But I think the darkest part was when all those humans came down and the woman who was scared and knew what was going to happen. And then when the screaming started that was horrible.
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.......when I saw that there was only a couple more pages left. :shock:

Post by Rosalie »

I think the scariest part for me was a toss up between when Alice was telling Bella about Edward's plan to mess with the Volturi, and when Bella was racing against the clock to get to him. Those few chapters chilled me to the bones.
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There are two parts that really got me. The first was when Bella was racing toward the clock tower, and the clock started ringing and she thought she was too late, and I was shaking so bad I had to put the book down (but not close it) and eat an Oreo a safe distance away so it didn't get any of those stupid crumbs on it. The other part was when Bella was in the sewer thing under the city. It was dark and scary enough as is, but on top of that, she a) didn't know where she was, where she was going, and what was waiting for her when she got there and b) that even though Edward was there, he seemed so...distant. I was afraid that he was going to tell her all those terrible things again, like in the woods in the beginning, and after being so close to him again, that she was going to completely lose it, go mad, and die. The whole part that followed that, with Jane and the people and the lady with the rosary, had me shaking with chills running up and down my spine. The whole thing scared me out of my wits.

One other thing that kind of creeped me out was the little kid with the vampire fangs. I don't know what it was about that, but it gave the the shivers.
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Post by adilicstar »

InLoVeWiThAbOoK wrote:when she was in the meadow with Laurent ... that scared me so much.

That scared me. I was like, how is she going to get out of this one? But the erst wasn't really scary. It was just tense.
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Post by edwardlover »

definatly the meadow everything else was easy to endure becasue she technacaly she wasnt alone like the jump someone was looking for her but noone would think to look in the middke of a forest
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Post by Ballerina »

Ok. I completely freaked when the tree was scraping against Bella's window and she thought it was Victoria's nails. *shiver*

Also, when the people were walking into that room. That creeped me out SO bad! That poor lady, I felt really connected to Bella then because that was HORRIBLE.

When Victoria's hair was bobbing in the water, the mental image of that, I completely figured that one out right away.

The fact that Jacob changed so much and now has a very hard time controlling himself.

The whole meadow scene (before the werewolves showed up, of course)

Wow. There were alot of creapy/dark moments for me. LOL :roll: sorry
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Post by basements »

michL87 wrote:The scariest for me was when you could tell something was wrong with Edward and that he was thinking about leaving her. And then it was even scarier when he told her all that stuff in the woods about not caring about her anymore. I was scared for Bella, and scared for their relationship.

Agreed. It was almost hard to read. You could tell something was going to happen between them, the point where I felt this more strongly then ever was when Edward was over Bella's watching ESPN with Charlie. There was some serious tension there.

And at first, when I saw Laurent I was pleasantly suprise, but then when Bella saw that his eyes were red I got chills down my spine.
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