Which Character scares You The Most?

Discussion on the various characters throughout the books.

Which Character Scares You the Most

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Post by VPnymph »

I'm with the majority on this one. Jane is terrifying! An absolute psyco, she causes pain for the hell of it!
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Post by The Volturi »

I would have to say Aro, he's just so nice and so exuberant it's a little off-putting, you can see how powerful he is and it just feels like his nice temper would be very short lived and he'd killed you instantly if you said one wrong thing....scary

And Jane, simply for the reason I am terrified of pain, me and pain don't mix!
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Post by earendil367 »

James, Victoria, and Laurent.

I think when Laurent came into the forest were Bella was standing, that that was the scariest moment for me. I kept on thinking, how is Bella ever going to get out of this situation. She could have been so close to death.

Both Victoria and James, had a strong will to kill Bella, so strong that they set up elaborate schemes to get to Bella. They wanted her at all cost. That is all they were focused on. Bella.
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Post by I_wish_I_had_Edward »

Jane scares the hebygebys out of me. The way SM describes her remindes me of one of those kids from "Children of the Corn". I hate that movie. Something out the look of innocents being evil. I get the same vibe when I read her name.
I bet we have not seen that last of Jane.
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I LMAO when I read that line.
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Post by RunsWithWolves »

The Volturi wrote:I would have to say Aro, he's just so nice and so exuberant it's a little off-putting, you can see how powerful he is and it just feels like his nice temper would be very short lived and he'd killed you instantly if you said one wrong thing....scary
Yikes! I definitely agree...He's got to be nasty behind that welcoming and cheery facade...

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Post by shadesofblack »

none of them have scared me.... yet. tho i think Aro's creepy enthusiasm with everything makes me believe he enjoys being what he is and killing innocent people way too much... if he was just apathetic or bored then i'd understand... but the chipper mood all the time... that's not right.

edit; also, i don't believe he's putting up a front. i think he's really that happy all the time... maybe he went senile with age, crazy even... :?
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Post by Alice_at_Heart »

I'm not to scared by any of them. James was a real creep who freaked me out, but he's dead. Same with Victoria. I wasn't actually frightened by Laurent, I actually felt sorry for him. Jane's powers don't affect Bella, so that's another one off the list. I wish ALL of the characters were on the list. I mean, Edward, he can leave (but he promised he won't- I'm holding him to it). He can also choose to not make Bella a vampire, and make Carlisle do it. Jake can also hurt Bella (he has). Bella is also bad for Bella. She can do something dangerous, or she can choose to leave Edward. So those three are actually the ones that I "fear" the most. Mind you, my fear is actually more of an extreme worry. I also believe that it's those closest to you are the ones who have the power to hurt you the most.

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Post by edwardsgirl.vampirelover »

Jane scares me because well she can tourcher you mentally and i dont like feeling pain. :oops: :lol: :roll:
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Post by EllieCullen »

I was rereading New Moon and Aro scares the pooh out of me and I'm not talking about the bear! He has mood swings at first he's all cheerful but when his power doesn't work on Bella he tries to get Jane to cause her pain. That's just too scary to me not even to see what's coming.
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