Which Character scares You The Most?

Discussion on the various characters throughout the books.

Which Character Scares You the Most

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Post by irunwithvampires »

I think James.

No need to explain myself. That picture of him and Robert from the scene in Twilight scared me further.

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Post by LaraCullen »

Definitively Jane! She looks so...nice and kind and all, but she's EVIL! I don't want to imagine how she was before she changed into a vampire. She's ruthless! She's BAD! She's a monster, and this nothing to do with the fact that she's a vampire!
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Post by it's.too.green »

I'm definitly not scared of Jane. Not because she isnt scary, but because shes the kind of person whos power crazy and will do anything to get it/to be on top. I want to be one of the few who don't give her what she wants:)
So if I had to choose...probably James because once he's out to get you, you've pretty much already lost the battle before it's begun...unless, by some amazingly awesome chance youve got a boyfriend that, not only is a fictional character, but will do anything to save you...in other words. edward:P
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Post by spoiled_rotten_princess »

Jane. Scares. Me. To. Death. Her power is so sadistic, and I see her as this angelic child who smiles and puts you through hell. Aro... Aro is actually one of my favorites, because he's so silly. "Ha, ha, ha." Jane, meanwhile, seems like she's quite... I almost think she'd rebel against the Volturi brothers.
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Re: Which Character scares You The Most?

Post by CatsOnMars »

LucasVianelca wrote:Aro is so creepy with his whole nice guy act that you have to wonder what is really cooking under the surface--and for this reason i LOVE him.
I totally agree with this. I think Aro is actually by FAR scarier than any other character. When I first read Stephenie's explanation for how Jane and Alec were changed and how it "really pissed him off" when he was forced to change them earlier than he'd intended, at first I was mixed up and thought this was talking about Marcus or Caius. When I read this again and realized she's talking about Aro it surprised me so much. We've always seen Aro act so pleasant and even sort of likeable, and he clearly cares about others in his coven. He is that really interesting kind of villain who you can see really does not believe he is bad or wrong at all so you don't exactly HATE him.

But apparently after he had to rescue Alec and Jane he was so mad he slaughtered that entire town, if I have my info right. I believe it's been as much as confirmed that the vampire Bella first reads about when she looks up vampires on the internet who killed an entire town in five minutes or something was actually Aro. Because he usually acts so friendly and approachable, the idea of seeing him that pissed off scares the crap out of me. LOL.

(Does anyone else feel like we may eventually see this side of Aro firsthand? I have had this weird feeling for a while that Jane is going to die, and I know that would do it. For some reason, the scene in NM when we see them greet each other so warmly and he says "You are such a joy to me" feels to me like it's establishing that Jane is important to him from early on for an important reason. It kind of gives me goosebumps just thinking about it, hehe.)
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Post by Shadow Grrl »

Any newborn. Period. Unless it's being restrained by Emmett, Edward, Jasper, and Carlisle. And still. They're not exactly sinister, and they just attack without thought (not that it's their fault). But with people like Jane or Aro or even Victoria, you could possibly stay alive long enough to... I dunno. talk your way out of it?
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Post by CamberXite »

Jane by far!!! I would hate to be in Bella's situation and hear all those people being eaten.. That would just freak me out!!
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Post by Dari »

Alec... he terrifies me. Maybe it's the fact that he's an unknown, like x in a deadly algebra problem. I've been speculating to myself about his ability, and the only thing I can think of is that it has something to do with fire. Stephenie said in one of the PCs that Alec and Jane were burned at the stake and that's what gives Jane her ability, so I somehow think that Alec's is the opposite.

I think he may have some influence over body temperature or the weather. I'll probably get shot down, but hear me out...

Body temperature can kill you. You get too hot, you get heatstroke; your body starts literally cooking from the inside out. Eventually you're bird food. You get too cold, your body shuts down because your blood starts to freeze and rams little spikes of ice into your organs.

I really don't want him anywhere near Bella or Edward. Or the wolves, for that matter.

And especially not me.
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Post by rockgoddess »

I have to admit...Jane scares the you know what out of me. Being able to make you think that you are being harmed and in pain gives me the chiles!! I dont want to be her enemy or the volturi for that matter.
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Post by mushroom_ravioli »

Aro, definately. Bella's description of him made him sound so beautiful and perfect that he somehow looked hideous...and we all know how hard that is for a vampire. And his emotions are so unpredictable! One minute, he's giggling and clapping his hands, then he's feasting on human blood! Yep, he's creepy.

Marcus scares me too. Well, I guess his gift does. The power to see relationships? Yikes. Makes me wonder what he was like in real life to get that.

And for some reason, Jane doesn't bother me. Maybe because she can't actually touch Bella. Or maybe because she reminds me of Alice...or Alice's foil, her bad opposite, or something.

But Aro definately gives me the creeps. :shock:
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