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yeah!^^ that quote was funny!

no, i don't think she would be boring at all. its just that bella and her didn't have the chance to hangout and talk enough in the books you know? so, i agree with the :compared to the cullens and whatnot she might be slightly dull but i love angela and i'm so glad that she and bella were friends because bella needed some human stability in her life when she met the cullens.. and angela was there. first to accept her with open arms when she was depressed and whatnot i think the fact that she thinks that jessica and lauren are superficial like bella does i think that she thought bella, even at the moment, was a better freind- even though she was a zombie.

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she seems so sweet. i wish there was a way bella could tell her wat was going to happen to her!
oh, and freekin team jane! hope she finds a nice vampire boy thats not quite as hot as edward, but pretty freekin close!

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i think Angela was the nicest friends bella met. She didn't ask bella questions that bella would have trouble answering, or anything too private. She was always a good friend, and i think if bella told her about the whole vampire thing, she wouldn't freak out, i think she would understand and be supportive.

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i think bella should hangout more with angela before she turns into a vampire and gets married and everything
she had a nice time with her before and i think she should just hang out with her because angela is one of those people that just calm you
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I love Angela! She's the only one of Bella's school friends that accepts her for who she is. She's so sweet, and kind! :D

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Post by snarky »

In the books, Angela comes across as the wiser, more mature and sensitive of the Forks teenagers (excluding the Quileutes). Sometimes I wish Bella were more like her.
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I think including the Quiluetes!! She is very sensible and nice, too.
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Angela is always so nice, and she's the only person in the Twilight series that isn't ever so nosy. She also forgave Bella immediately for her slight dissapearing act that everybody else sort of ditched her for.
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