Angela Weber

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Angela Weber

Post by pelirroja »

Somehow I always liked Angela. It seems from the new Midnight Sun post that she is the sweetest girl in the class. She's the only one without an agenda other than pure friendship.

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Post by Eri »

When i read Twilight i liked her inmediatly, she was shy but she was the most sincere with Bella, and after reading Midnight Sun y find her the sweetest girl (as pelirroja has said) and the only one who doesn't stay with Bella for interest

Madame X
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Post by Madame X »

The new Midnight Sun chapter really reaffirmed my appreciation for Angela.
She always seemed like he nicest- and one of the most intelligent- of Bella's school acquaintances. She seems quiet and respectful and Bella has said quite a few times how relaxing she is. I do hope they develop a stronger friendship.

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Post by ArdaSilverlace »

Bless Angela! She's now officially my favorite minor human character. I appreciated her in Twilight because she was never on Bella's case or wanted anything from anyone. Now I really favor Angela Weber since reading the Midnight Sun chapter. She's a genuine good soul.

I hope good things come to her in the next books. :D

Alda Rethe
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Post by Alda Rethe »

Angela's a dear, I agree. I think she deserves a little more of the limelight in New Moon and the upcoming books. She's so nice, quiet and kind, sort of like Bella.

I always wondered why Jessica was basically Bella's best friend, when she's not as nice or as helpful as Angela.
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Post by Yamile »

:D I know she is soo nice with her, i like her a lot:P
xD and i just want to smack Jessica...^^
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Post by Violet »

angela is really the only girl bella met that i actually liked. she was sweet and had her mind set on more than boys and mean thoughts on bella. she actually had the thought of real friendship in her mind.

i just hate jessica.
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Post by my_disadvantage »

I hope that Angela will have her part in future books ;) She seems nice!
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Post by Rosalie »

Angela is so great. She's one of the few Forkians that doesn't have an ulterior motive for as to why she hangs around Bella. She's genuine.

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Post by Harasliz »

Angela is one of my favorite characters. She always seems to see the best in people and even though she is shy she is also very sweet. If I had a friend I would want her to be like Angela because I'm pretty sure that you are able to depend on her and she is a good influence.

The only downside that I can find about her is that she seems to be a little naive. I feel that if something really threatening to her life were to happen to her she wouldn't know what to do. She'd just be a deer caught in the headlights.

I don't really know how much of this is right since she is so shy we don't know as much about her as we do other characters. I'm just basing how I feel about her on what I feel she is like throughout Twilight and the little snippet of Midnight Sun.

Like Rosalie (the user above me, not the actual Rosalie) said she is genuine, but that can also mean that she doesn't leave much to find. I do hope to see more of her.
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