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Mirrorbay2000 wrote:
emina88 wrote:
i totally agree. with all the supernatural extra ordinary things going on in the small town of forks, it's nice to see that SM put some ordinary life in there to put us in basis that this is still in the real world and not in some other far of place

besides i think it's just balancing out, you know? extra ordinary can mix in the ordinary vise versa

and i think jessica being jessica helps puts us in that perspective.
Completely, yes, yes, yes! As the books have progessed, we've had less and less 'school time' at Forks. With the small amount of human characters included, Stephenie needed to fill some stereotypes so that it would see like normal teenage life. Thus Jessica & Lauren are the gossip queens, Mike & Tyler are the jocks, Erik is the nerd, Angela is the loyal friend, etc...
yap, exactly. SM needed to remind us that bella is afterall still a teenage girl and the fact that there are still normal lives down in forks makes us connect more with the story

i mean, i think that we relate more to bella when we see that she has a normal teenager side to her rather than the danger magnet to supernatural being side that she is so always placed in
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Jessica has always seemed shallow to me. She seems to be very self-centered and only invloves other people and is nice to them when she thinks that doing so will help her get what she wants.

Bella should definitely stick to Angela.
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Jessica reminds me of some girls I knew growing up. We were friends in elementary school, but the minute we hit middle school they took off and decided not to hang out with me anymore. It wasn't until graduation that they decided to be nostalgic and start talking again. If we did talk before graduation, it was a very superficial conversation, nothing too deep. Jessica is just a typical girl that everyone runs into during life. The love of gossip, scandal, attention, etc. just does it for her. I'm not bashing Jessica, but as some of the other posts have said, she is a much needed character in a book about the supernatural to remind us of the human aspects of Twilight. She reminds us of the human experiences that Bella will miss if she is changed.
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I think Jessica is a typical teenage girl, except not all are so two-faced like she is. Thats what I hate about her.
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