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Post by virginiax7 »

Until I read the first chapter of Midnight Sun, I really didn't have a problem with Jessica. I had always thought that she was just a pretty outgoing person and that was why she wanted to be friends with Bella.

But then I read Midnight Sun and now I don't like her anymore. We now know she was only "befriending" Bella to get close to Mike. Originally, I though Lauren was the token "mean girl" but sometimes Jessica can be just as bad as her, she just tries to hide it.

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Post by Loves~Golden~Eyed~Boys! »

Jessica Stanley... every school has one.

Now if we could just get an Edward Cullen... *sighs*
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Post by MikkiC »

after i read midnight sun
i didnt like her
i didnt know she was so mean
i dont think she ever liked or will like Bella
pure jealousy
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Post by Modelisous »

She never seemed so significant till Midnight Sun,.
I am intrigued to find out the rest of her thoughts! Jessica's just a stand in character shes not significant to the story (apart from suplimenting Bella with the dirt on the Cullens) she's just an oridinary gossipy girl, i dont think shes mean to be exact just too gossipy for her own good!
Every place has a Jessica, she's just ovebearing and it rhymes with witch but hey - if you want gossip she's got it!
not that i'm standing up for her or anything cause to me she doesnt matter.
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Post by VampireLover57 »

librarychick64 wrote:I'm surprised that Edward didn't warn bella about jessica. But, then again, Stephenie didn't know exactly what Jessica was thinking until Edward told her. LOL! I hope bella and angela become better friends, too.

Yeah that's true?? I'm kind of surprised too!

Lol! Nice writing! :D

I agree, I really like Angela! Plus, with them both being so shy they're like perfect for each other! :D
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Post by alyss »

i actually think she's a reasonable character. o_o

she's just human, after all.
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Post by stryker »

I can see her in alot of people I know at my school.
She seems like she just has something to say about everyone, even the closest of her friends. It's like a "fake friend", but sometimes she IS sincere. Lol, her character confuses me sometimes.. I'm not even sure if I like her or dislike her. She did play a significant part so far though. Especially shown in Midnight Sun.

I don't see her and Bella being BFFs though.. I see more of that in Angela. The contrast in her and Bella is interesting though.

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Post by TopazTears1527 »

A while back, I skimmed through that chapter of Midnight Sun, and instantly took a disliking to Jessica. But, now my computer won't let me access it anymore. :( Can anybody copy the chapter into a PM or something and send it to me? I would be extremely grateful. :D

Anyways, I believe that Jessica is the regular small town back-stabbing gossiper. Every small high school has one, and Forks is unlucky to have her. Oh well, there's not a lot of special details about Jessica Stanley.
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Post by Mirrorbay2000 »

I've never really disliked Jessica, as compared to Lauren. I instantly disliked Lauren.

Alot of it is probably that I see a lot of myself in Jessica (that's probably a really lame thing to say, but it's true.)

Jessica gets good grades (we know this from the New Moon Outakes), she's short, and has curly hair. All of those things are me. I'm also really nosy, which can be percieved two ways.

Jessica's behavior has always seemed reasonable to me. She's a teenage girl; of course she's going to gossip. I don't think there's really anything wrong with her.

And the way she talks about Edward, about being intimadated by him, is exactly how I would act around him.

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Post by irunwithvampires »

alyss wrote:i actually think she's a reasonable character. o_o

she's just human, after all.
Yeah, I think we all have quite a few friends like that and we don't know what they're really like or what they're thinking. She's not as bad as Lauren. Jessica did seem really mean in the first chapter of Midnight Sun, but I want to hear more of her thoughts, because sometimes she seems like she's not that bad.

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