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Post by Bella_S_Black »

I was so glad that edward beheaded her. She had it coming :lol:
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Post by Spazzzy »

Agreed. I was getting sick of her. And now, I can't look at any girl with red hair without hating her.
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Post by NeaCullen »

Yeah, my friends always tell me that if I was in the Twilight Movie, I would have to play her due to my red curly hair and my almost-translucent-I'm-so-pale skin. :)
I was so scared in Eclipse when Victoria and Riley were in that meadow thing with Bella and Edward. But I was practically dancing on a table when Edward decapitated her.
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Post by paleskingoldeyes »

I personally like sassy girls with red curly hair like Victoria :D have to admit she's "FIERCE" (christian serratos)

I WAS kind of annoyed that she went through all of that trouble just to kill Bella.. I mean COME ON get over it and find a new vampire boyfriend :roll:
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Post by haaleey »

<center> Victoria always annoyed me,
<center> She was so blinded by anger, and so concentrated on destroying Bella
<center> She didn't plan things out properly,
<center> She could have so easily just killed Bella
<center> If she hadn't been so concentrated on making it a torturous complicated death ...
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victoria first- then

Post by rxtwilightqueen »

00000hhh victoria- vicky, icky with v!lol an obessed vampire who held an endless grudge against bella- give her props for being mad at bella, i mean who can?- she was always their and finally we get wat we wanted in ECPLISE - thanx stephenie.

but even though she's always been a character who wont stop bothering bella and the cullens- she stood out to me in a good way

victoria alwys wanted revenge on edward- for killing her beloved james- but if james had killed edward and bella was already blessed with immortality- wat do u think she would have done?

but of course bella would have done better and not died!!!!! lol :lol:
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Post by paleskingoldeyes »

^^^ i think she would've tracked her down to fight her anyway
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Post by simplenerd »

hey give her some credit...

yes she over reacted because james did deserved his death but in the vampire world you do not mess with another's mate.

Victoria was actually very clever in her planning. She asked Laurent to do a scan for her and the Cullens trusted him enough not to suspect because he went off to the Denali coven. She used war tatics to get to Bella when going through the werewolves failed. She made Riley not say her name to the new borns so no one would know it's her. She used Riley to get Bella's things so no one would recognize her scent and prove there was a way to get to Bella. And finally Victoria used the new borns to distract the Cullens while she tried to get to Bella.

Don't get me wrong, she was a problem and I'm glad she is no longer one, but give her credit, she worked hard.

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Post by vampgirl9 »

good thing shes dead she had it annoying
yay shes dead!!!
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Post by mudkip »

I hated her, but mostly because she never had a personality or any kind of character whatsoever. James was a tracker, it was a thrill for him, a challenge, and he thrived on power. He was smart, very sure of himself. But you never heard anything about Victoria... only that she wanted to avenge his death.

I kind of wished she wouldve stayed around longer.. Maybe she had a story to tell, other than a simple grudge. I don't like enemies that you know nothing about, it just ruins it for me.

But, on a seperate note, I personally think the woman who is going to play her role in Twilight is astonishingly pretty. This surprises me, because of all the beauty the book described Rosalie and Alice to have, it never once mentioned Victoria being beautiful - yet she's the prettiest one, In my opinion.

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