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Post by HannahMarie- »

Victoria will definatly come in eclispe no doubt!!

and i can't wait i have some theories but im not going to say unless you guys want tme too because for some people...i donno"i have no clue whats going to happen soo i don't think my theories are right" but maybe soo i will keep them to myself

anyway: its going to be intense with victoria i think and i never really liked her..when i first read about her in twilight i imagined her ugly but then again thats impossible for a vampire to be ugly!! right? so i went and re-read that part//i am still unde-sided on what she looks like...

what do you think she looks like?

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Post by I*choose*both »

Thank you Tenno for pointi that out. It helped me see a whole bunch of things about Victoria clearer :D
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Post by Caysuna »

I hope victoria appears in Eclipse... or rather... that she has a 'medioker' (sp?) appearence as opposed to a quick 2 second one....

.... I have been wondering though...

Caius and Victoria seem to have the same negative feeling towards Bella (For different reasons though....) for some reason I have the freaky thought of Victoria in the Volturi.... O.o'

... anyone else get that creepy thought?
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Post by bittengirl »

I don't know if this sounds completely stupid, but when I read Eclipse ch 1 and the Seattle murders part, I immediately thought it would be Victoria! She could be setting up some kind of trap to lure the Cullens there or something.. okay now this sounds dumb even to me... has anyone else thought about this???

About Victoria in the Volturi... um. I don't know, it sounds pretty unlikely.... but you never know.
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Post by IndyBelle »

What I think is interesting is the way Stephenie Meyer is using Victora. When she first was introduced I didn't think much of her but now she is able to become the biggest villain yet! This is such good story-telling!
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Post by Neave »

Victoria has been scary! Because really, we didn't know anything about her. What kind of powers she possessed, what her strengths or weeknesses were... All we knew is she hated Bella with a passion, that she wanted to torture her before killing her. So when we got to "hear" her voice, that it was shrilly, high pitched, like a blonde airhead (That's what I invisioned, sorry to all blondes out there) I was for some reason not tense anymore. Although she was fierce. Edward was keeping up with her while she stared at Bella to kill her!

Oooooh, that part was intense!! I loved it !!!
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Post by Nahe »

So happy she is dead!
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Post by Sansa »

I'm happy she's dead, too! It was irritating, everytime she was there, close to Bella, and then running out. Close, and running out, all the time the same. Now, she can't say a word.
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Post by Skumring »

Do you think that Victoria was aware of how she could avoid being seen in Alice's visions in Eclipse? I thought so the first times I read Eclipse, but then I began to think it was just coincidence and pure luck for Victoria. First off, did she ever find out that Alice is a seer? I can't remember reading anything that confirms Victoria knowing of Alice's gifts. The fact that she used Riley as a middleman in creating her own army might just be her normal survival instinct which kicked in. If the Volturi moved in on her before she could hit Forks, then Riley would be identified as the leader by the newborns, giving her time to run away (again).
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Post by paigeofabook »

did anyone feel bad for victoria after edward said that james never really loved her (eclipse 546-547)?

i was like aww poor psychotic vampire :(
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