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I think that it's a combination of both Esme echo. Didn't Bella say something at the beginning of Twilight about how it was painfully obvious that Charlie hadn't gotten over Renee? I don't quite remember.

I have many friends that hunt and fish often and they do it because you get to detatch yourself and be back to nature really. Especially with fishing because it is much les stressful so it is easy to get lost in that and not really want to "go back" to reality.
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Yes, being in nature heals the stresses of our high-pressure lives. I'd rather hike than fish, but I'm with Charlie on how eagerly he looks forward to getting away.

I wonder about Charlie getting over Renee, though. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that he mourns his lost dream of a loving wife and family to come home to in the evening--and Renee is the central symbol of that dream--but I can't imagine he still grieves Renee herself too much. The dream, yes. The woman, maybe not so much. He may feel fondness and liking, he may be concerned about how she's doing, but I get the impression it's much more like a friend than a lost love now.

It's been 16 or 17 years ... I think he's moved on, emotionally, whether Bella recognizes it or not. I don't think it hurts him to think about her now.

However, I definately think Charlie's a "once bitten, twice shy" kind of guy.
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