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almost a bella wrote: HE IS STILL A PAIN IN THE BUT THOUGH.
That's a very good point. Tyler gave up after a while because he could see they were together. Mike on the other hand... :roll:

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Well I think that he is just a really stupid boy. He is like this one guy who even though I had had a boy friend for 6 months and we were like always together and yet he totally called me every two hours. I felt bad for Bella because I have been there and know how annoying it would have been for her.
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Hahahaha he is sooo funny! I mean edward and Bell were incerpreble in TL so what would make him think Bella would be going to the Prom with him? He needs to get the hint.
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this guy is so funny. =)) I honestly can't get how he can still hope at the end of Twilight when everything points to the fact that he's simply hopeless.

Quite sad he didn't show up much in New Moon, though. ;)
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I love it. The boy who thinks he's taking a vampire's human girlfriend to the prom. Yeah... in your dreams buster. I don't think he's dumb or anything... just hopeful? No, more like delusional.

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Id feel pretty sorry fo all the guys who are or were once interested in Bella. I mean, everyone knows that the cullens are GORGEOUS and bella hanging out with them must have set her standards pretty high. I think its respectable that they would keep trying but i mean, shes OBVIOUSLY with Edward, and if she WASNT I'm sure that if she was interested, she'd come running to them. But, since she isnt, she has a whole line of other mythical creatures to attend to. Not that they would know what they are.. lol.

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Tyler was so delusional!!!! How come when he almost hit Bella he wouldn't let it go so decided to take Bella to prom with out her consult, but when he apologized to Edward he let it drop??? I'm glad there wasn't much of him in New Moon or Eclipse...

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AHHH Tyler's persistance is one that annoys me... get a clue!! hehehe. That;s why i loved when Edward was on the phone with him and said that she wouldnt be free if he had anything to do with it.
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Tyler is just so cute. The way he acts after almost killing bella is adorable! That's why we love him, isn't it?

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Tyler--I'll go to prom wif yewh

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I smiled at every thing Tyler did. I did become a bit annoyed when he said he was going to prom with Bella. I was thinking, "No, no, Tyler. She's in love with a hot vampire. Not you." It was however, sweet the way he tried to make up to Bella in Twilight. I was disappointed when there was really no mention of him in New Moon.

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