Billy Black

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Billy Black

Post by pelirroja »

This is the place to discuss all the things you've wondered about our favorite tribal elder Billy Black.
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Post by sadie_leona »

I do have to say that I get annoyed by Billy. I see how he is trying to protect Bella, in his sense, but just give it up! She is obviously seriously in love with Edward and you can't change it. Maybe Billy might get more serious about the situation in New Moon?
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Post by ~Vielka~ »

I think Billy is going to bring some serious problems for Bella and Edward.

I also get the protecting thing...I do. Looking at it from a father's point of view, if you knew all that Billy knows, I am sure he feels responsible since Charlie is in the dark.

With all that... I can't help but thing he will bring some strain into the relationship between Charlie and Edward...and then Bella will be pulled in two different directions.
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Post by Madame X »

I dunno. Billy Black strikes me as a character that will either turn out to be just problematic, who "doesn't understand" despite good intentions OR will unexpectedly be the single most evil person in the series. Maybe it's the wheelchair? A sort of "it's always the one you expect the least to be a crazy villain" thing?
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Post by tanzanite »

Yeah, Billy could definitely present a bigger problem in the later books. Of course, if he ever thought to tell Charlie about the Cullens being vampires, Charlie would probably just get really angry with him. Then again, at the end of Twilight, Jacob warns Bella about his father "watching" her, which leads you to think that we'll get more of Billy in the upcoming books.
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Post by jamaloo »

Billy's annoying. But I suppose he's supposed to be--and if he is, he does an amazing job at it. ^__^
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Post by my_disadvantage »

i agree with Vielka and Sadie. Billy annoys me and is going to bring troubles to B & E.
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Post by Shayla »

Billy might be trouble later, but I can't be mad at him. The poor guy means well.
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Post by Cheza »

he's a werewolf I just know it....that's why he hates the Cullen's yup that's it
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Post by Taxi »

I don't... not like him. But yes, he does get rather annoying.
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