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Bella Swan

Post by pelirroja »

This is the place to discuss all the things you've wondered about Bella as an individual. Keep posts about Edward and Bella's relationship to the general discussion forum.

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Post by girlinthemoon »

As I've been poking around the Lexicon and rereading the book, I've noticed information about Bella that makes me wonder. She's not quite like everyone else:

Edward can't read her thoughts. When she asks him why, he says, "The only guess I have is that maybe your mind doesn't work the same was the rest of theirs do. Like your thoughts are on the AM frequency and I'm only getting FM." (Twilight pg 181) When she asks him more about it, he changes the subject. Earlier, he tells her, "you are the opposite of ordinary" (pg 210). Bella herself feels different:
"I didn't relate well to people my age. Maybe the truth was that I didn't relate well to people, period. Even my mother, who I was closer to than anyone else on the planet, was never in harmony with me, never on exactly the same page. Sometimes I wondered if I was seeing the same things through my eyes that the rest of the world was seeing through theirs. Maybe there was a glitch in my brain." (Twilight pg 10-11)

It seemed more convincing when it was in my head and not on the screen... that's not really much evidence, is it. Anyway, the point is, I think that there is something supernatural about Bella, and that this something is the reason she's so different. Anyone else?

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Post by Madame X »

Good points girlinthemoon. I had the same feeling while reading Twilight myself that Bella had some sort of supernatural ability, but that, of course, might just be me seing something that's not there. For example, after my mother finished the book (that she was reading on my insistance....heh) , she thought Bella was just normal.

One thing I've always wondered about Bella is why she thinks she is such a social outcast. Upon coming to Forks she made friends extremely easily and attracted nearly all the boys in school. I understand Stephenie's explanation that her popularity increased in the act of moving from a big pond to a small one, but considering Bella is not an anomaly (other new kids have come to Forks, like Mike Newton and the Cullens) there has to be something else about her than a fresh face.

I wonder what aspect of Bella's life gave her such low self-esteem in the first place. Her parents' divorce happened when she was a baby. Renee seems very supportive and her own laid-back attitude and goofiness can't have given her an inferiority complex. We know she was smart (she was in advanced biology, at least) and she's obviously very attractive- so what's the deal? I hope we get a little more detailed background information for Bella's Phoenix life.
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Post by Lomesir22 »

Well, she was never asked out, or even had advances-- at least, from what we've heard. I know it's shallow, but when girls around you are getting offers right and left and you're not, your ego can take a hit.
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Post by Madame X »

Hmm, I don't remember the book saying she had never been asked out on a date, only that Bella had never had a date because she wasn't interested in anybody. (Goes to look through book). Anyway, that still leaves me wondering why Bella didn't fit in or was so outcasted. If some sort of traumatizing event or series of events happened to her when she was young, I can see the effects of that spilling over into her social life as a teen. Heck, if something did happen to her, perhaps its related to Bella's sensitive nature towards blood?
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Post by aurinko »

I really think there is something speacial in Bella... and I have no clue what that might be! :) I've been wondering if Edward knows something more about Bella and about the fact he can't read her mind...

And I've to tell that while I was reading the book first time I wondered if Bella was part vampire or something like that... (Now I know it's impossible) since she's so pale and smells blood etc.

AAh, this so frustrationg!! I really wish it was October already! (and it's me who loves summer!) (well... bella used to love sun also :D )
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Post by ~Vielka~ »

I think Bella is like most teens...there are just times in your life in which you feel akward, different.

It takes time to find your own find yourself.

I guess I can relate...I lived in California most of my childhood and when I was in junior high (big public school) I felt a little out of place myself. Not an outcast per say...but it was harder to find a voice of my own.

There is just so many people around you, it makes it that much harder to get to know who you are, let alone be completely comfortable with yourself.

Then I moved with my mother to Costa Rica, and beside the culture shock, the fact that it was a much smaller numbers in comparison to California...I have to say it was easier to fit in. You have less things coming out you, and people seem to be warmer towards you in smaller towns.

And yes...there is always that factor of being the new kid...from a big place, it's exciting I guess...sure wasn't for me!!! :roll:

Although I do think Bella is special...she has to be! Why else would Edward not be able to read her mind?

And then you got the fact that she loves a vampire...doesn't care that he is a vampire...wants to become a vampire...

Sure, it's romantic, but really...a normal girl doesn't just wake up and becomes totally ok with something like this. There has to be something about her...I can't bring myself to even imagine what...but there just has to be!!, babbling...jejejeje :lol:
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Post by Yamile »

wow!...xD cool observation hehe...
well i think @@ she´s a normal teen girl and i think the only different thing about her is the fact that Edward can´t read her mind hehe besides that i think :) shes pretty much like all of us.. xD
GOOO BELLA!!!! you rock girl! :P
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Post by my_disadvantage »

I felt like Bella was me, when I started to read Twilight. I'm clumsy and I cause accidents and I don't like to be in spotlight. But at my looks, i don't remind Bella at all - I have short blonde hair and i'm much taller than she is. Oh, there is one same thing; i'm really pale too!
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Post by Lore »

i think the same, Bella is special, and i think sadly we will know in the next books why :)
read is my worl :)
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