Which Character do you dislike, and which one do you love?

Discussion on the various characters throughout the books.
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greeneggs wrote:
babygirlk11 wrote:
meganj924 wrote:
Alpha_Wolf wrote:I whole heartly agree, with everyone who doesn't like Edward or Bella.
Bella, I hate her so freaking much. I seriously wanted to just yell out WTF, when I heard that Bella was supposed to be a normal teenage girl that girls could relate to. I do not in any way shape or form relate to bella except for the fact that she likes to read and is smart, book smart, that is. I have an attitude and no boy has the nerve to tell me what to do. She does what Edward says more than she obeys her father. I also hate the "One look in his eyes, and I knew there nothing I could deny him". The scene when she was trying to push Edward into having sex with her was disgusting.
I also find it repulsive that she's willing to up everything just for a boy.
Edward, I have no idea why all of you people like him. He doesn't appeal to me at all. His personality is super creepy, he's supper cheesy, like out of a cheap romance novel, and is boring with no personality (same goes for bella). People say that Jacob is manipulative and he is kind of, but he certainly isn't the only one. Edward is too. I think that the Jacob loves bella thing started when she "turned on the charm" to get him to tell her the tribal stories, in her pathetic attempt to flirt. That was a form of manuplation, to me.

meganj924- I am the same way. When I'm reading the Edward and Bella parts (too many by the way), I have to use real will power to keep myself from chucking the book at a wall, or at somebody.
Eeeek definitely. Edward is unbelievably creepy. I mean honestly-- he was breaking into her room to watch her sleep before they were even together. I read that part of Twilight and was just like, "OMG CREEPY STALKER MAN GET AWAY GET AWAY!". It's one thing to watch someone sleep if you are actually in a relationship with that person, but he wasn't even in a relationship with her. They weren't even friends or anything. It was just... creepy. And his overprotectiveness and possessiveness is just creepy. The obsession they have with each other is just weird.

I hated the scene where she was trying to talk Edward into having sex... I felt like I was intruding on some private moment or something. I just felt kind of awkward. Talking about sex doesn't freak me out, but I just felt weird reading their dialog about it.

When he watched her sleep it wasnt creepy. He was just curious about her. I mean come on when it explains wat happens to him when shes close by wouldnt you be curious? I mean he's been on this world for almost 110 years and nothing like this has ever happened to him before....I mean dang he didnt watch her take her clothes off or anything.......just while she slept. There was no harm done.

Curiousity does not prevent creepy.

there's a dude who sneaks into your room when you're sleeping. You can honestly say you're not creeped out? Because that kind of screams pervert.

if Edward is a pervert then why does he not want to sleep with her til after their married?
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My favorite characters are always the ones who make me feel happy. This feeling is much more important to me than whether--under the microscope of hindsight--their actions were judicious, justified, or just plain juvenile.

In that light, Bella makes me happy, because though I don't think she's a great role model, and she has some deep insecurities to work out, and she doesn't always exercise the best judgment, and I don't always agree with her decisions, I feel like she is doing the best she can in an impossibly complicated situation; I think she's is a loving person.

Edward makes me happy because he tries so hard to rise above the inhuman imperatives that now define his life. Edward certainly has faults, but I believe that he has a good heart--in spite of the fact that it no longer beats! His uncompromising morality in the face of extreme provocation makes him (at least, that aspect of his personality) a role model for everyone.

Alice makes me happy because she loving and upbeat. There is not a vicious bone in her body. If she were real, she would be someone I could just be myself around and whose company I would enjoy.

Jacob makes me happy some of the time. That's not surprising--he's a teenage boy! I loved the pre-werewolf Jacob, but he changed fundamentally when the werewolf gene kicked in. We get glimmers of the same old Jacob, but they're rare. I like Jacob, I want him to find peace and happiness in his life, I respect his efforts to save Bella from a fatal mistake, but that werewolf psyche ... it makes him too determined that reality is only what he perceives.

Emmett makes me happy--he's just like my four brothers. I understand him completly.

Carlisle, Jasper, and Esme are all people I would like to be around if they were actual humans. They are good people. Jasper has walked a hard road, and it shows, but his southern gentleman characteristics shine through.

Charlie and Renee are the characters I come closest to disliking. As stated in the Manifesto, they are nowhere close to earning the Parent of the Year award, yet that topic is very important to me. We see so much poor parenting in the world, I'm a little sensitive about it--in behalf of all the children I see suffering.

On another note, I am continually amazed how much passion these characters whip up! Some people repeat their same arguments over and over regardless of where they post--with passion, and sometimes with venom. I feel distressed when so little compassion--so little understanding--is offered towards people with different personalities, different opinions, and different life experiences.

However, I must say I was a lot more judgmental in my youth than I am now. That's one thing you can say about age--no matter how you cut it, age = experience, and experience gives people more scope for charity. It's the difference between a loving grandma, and a stressed-out mom with a baby in her arms and a toddler hanging on to her leg!
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BubblgumBekah wrote:My least favorite....sadly, is Jacob. I don't know why I hate him so much, but I do. He seems...i don't know, rude at times, and different behind Bella's back than to her face. I just don't like him. I also hate Lauren and Jessica, but who doesn't?
Rude? Sure...sometimes. But its understandable, even if its not always right..He's been screwed over more than anyone else in those books. Its human nature to lash out when your hurt. Jacob doesn't want to cry so he makes a sarcastic remark..Its not easy for a 16 yr old boy to express his feelings. Jacob overall has a wonderful heart and it definitely shows in Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse. Also, perhaps you should read Being Jacob Black on the SM website.

I definitely don't understand your thing about him being 'different behind Bella's back', so I can't even comment on that.

I feel like your missing vital points from the books, but everyone is entitled to their opinion, so I won't say anymore.
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Like most Edward is my favorite cause I love him and real men are ruined for me now. lol. Plus hes just so awesome in everyway. If I sat here and named everything it would take way to long. lol. Anywho moving along.. My least favorite character would have to be either Caius, Jane, or Laurent they just all are soo evil. lol. Course Lauren and Jessica are so petty and dumb they are only out for themselves.
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My fave character is Emmett. Dont get me wrong, Edward is my fave character, but of course, wouldnt that be everyones, so im mixing it up. Emmett, is like the big brother youve always wanted, he is incredibly funny, and having older brothers, i can relate.

My least would have to be Jacob. Jacob can be a good person, like he shows in New Moon, but i think he was trying to take Edwards place, and that just wont work. I guess why i dislike him is because he hurts other people in his actions, even if they were meant for good. There are just numerous reasons why i dont like him. i could go on for days....

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I have to say my least favorite character HAS to be Jessica because she doesn't seem like a very good friend. I also think that shes Vain because she only talks and cares about herself most of the time. I really like Edward( i mean who doesn't?) but I always think about Jasper, the book hardly talks about him and I think theres SO much more to him then people give him credit for...He's so..mysterious?
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My favorite characters are Alice and Jane, lol. My least favorites would have to be Billy and Jessica (maybe Rosalie, but after the heart-to-heart her and Bella had, that changed alot).

First, to dissect the main characters:

I love Bella, but I didn't like how she was so reluctant to get married. She said it was because she was too young, and everyone would criticize her... but yet, she was incredibly eager to become a vampire. She wanted to be immortal with Edward forever - knowing she wouldnt be able to see her family or friends again anyways. I mean, if your going to be afraid of commitment, and worry about what others think of you, having your vampire boyfriend change you into his eternal vampire mate isnt exactly the way to go. It just seemed... stupid to me for her to not make that connection. And i do feel like she is a little bit rude to edward sometimes, especially about his proposal, but maybe thats just me.

Edward i like of course, but he is far too serious. Sure hes charming and romantic, but he doesnt have any trace of positive immaturity left in him, which is what makes people fun to be around. He acts too much like a guardian and not enough like a boyfriend / friend.

Jacob i loved, BEFORE he changed into a wareworlf. He made up for all of the fun Edward lacked, and he was really my favorite for a while. After that, he became too short-tempered, too saucy. He reminded me a bit of Draco from HP (without the whiney-ness). Once him and Edward began to join forces to save Bella though, i think his good side made a slight comeback... even if he did trick her into kissing him.

Now, to dissect the favs / least favs.

Alice i adore, lol. She tries so hard to keep everything on the right track with her abilities, and she takes alot of responsibility for things if something goes wrong. I respect that, even though i know its not her fault. She reminds me of me with the pixie-ish attitude, and I think she's an all-around good friend to Bella and fun character.

Jane is adorable. Even when she tried hurting Bella, it was soley out of curiosity. Once again, she reminds me of me, when i was younger however. I have to admit, i was mean. I even had a real-life Aro puppetmaster, who was my oldest cousin. I know childhood michief doesnt ammount to a supreme gift of illusionary pain, but i was evil. lol

Billy I don't like because he seemed to have no compassion what so ever. He was cold, in my opinion. Its like he hardley helped Jacob along, or gave him emotional support (which i think could have prevented him from becoming an donkey). And on top of that, he was happy the Cullens left, regardless of knowing how hurt Bella was, and they never did anything against the Quileutes anyways! He seemed to have a kind of "I told you so" attitude.

As for Jessica, do i even need to explain that one? Self-centered.

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My favorite character hands down, is Emmett.
Of course I love Edward, but that's the too obvious choice.

Emmett puts a smile on my face and makes me laugh every time with his careless behavior and exuberant personality. He's a great big brother; he's loving, protective, reckless and loves teasing Bella lol (all the qualities of a big brother) You can't help but love him!

My least favorite, aside from Jessica (once again the obvious choice) would have to be Billy. There's just something about him that irritates me, aside from him trying to get Bella to steer clear from Edward, whether it is him being protective and concerned or not. I'm not too sure what it is.
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My favorite is Edward...with Jacob being a close second.
My least favorite is...Bella.
She just seems so needy or dependant on other people and she cant stand on her own two feet. (IMO)

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ED wrote:Sweet, thanks for the replies.
I figured that most people would like Edward, and I'll explain my first post.
I do love Edward, he's amazingly scrumptious and ideally wonderful, but there are times I just want to rip his head off because he's totally hurting Bella!
(Especially that one part in book two!)
And I understand his reasons for not wanting to turn Bella vampire, but, jeez, how's he going to stop her?! Honestly, I think that once Bella puts her stubborness into something, she will do it! But that's just me.
I can relate to your point of view -- Edward is a little "inconsiderate" sometimes, and in Twilight there is definitely some darkness to him (not so much in NM and EC any more). BUT: He is still my favorite character because the fact that he isn't quite perfect, but almost, is what I think makes him PERFECT. Does that make sense?

Which brings me to my least favorite character: Don't hate me, but it's Bella. Don't get me wrong, I love her, but she is just so over dramatic and annoying sometimes, the complete opposite of Edward, and it bothers me. Liek, why does she always have to get herself in danger to rescue somebody else( in T it's her mother she's sacrificing herself for, in EC it's Seth / Edward / the Cullens....) When will she get that her theatrical self-sacrificing sprees aren't helping anybody?!?!

I'm really looking forward to BD because I think she'll become more mature and reasonable -- and rational (which will probably turn her into my favorite character).

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