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Dear, Dear Alice

Post by Alice.Cullen.Rocks. »

I love Alice. All my friends say I resemble her in a way. Like, I dance, and I love to be optomistic. ANd not a lot of things get me down. Also, I have like, a feeling when something at least slightly horrible is going to happen to my closer friends, or me. I know, sounds cheesy, but it's not! I SWEAR! Also, Alice is so kind, and selfless. Until shopping. That's where we are different. I don't like shopping as much as she does.
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Post by Vecam »

I would love Alice as a friend so much!
She's so sentimental sometimes and loving.
I can see parts of myself in the whole Cullen family including Bella.
Their powers too, sort of.

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Post by SparklePixie »

I would love to go shopping with Alice. Though I would probably be scared out of my wits to get inside a car that either she or Edward drove. I'd probably lose my lunch. Ha ha!

She just seems like she would be a really cool person to hang around with. I just love how she isn't afraid to admit that she doesn't know everything and yet that is okay. I also think its funny when she guilts Bella into attending parties and events that she otherwise would refuse to go to. She certainly knows how to throw a party from. :)

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Post by sillylove »

exactly. but if they ever visit the volturi on good terms i hope that SM lets us know what aro "hears" in her mind.. i mean it would be interesting if like he could read her mind... a bit emotionally painful but i think good for everyone. after that they can go to war and do wahtever the heck they want.

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Post by Excali »

I absolutely love Alice, she is so wonderful

Wish I could find someone just like her in real life
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Post by I*choose*both »

Hmm. this thread died. Tim to revive!! :D A topic....hmm.

What do you believe Alice would do if Jasper (not saying he ever will) decided to leave the Cullens and not be a vegetarian anymore.
I know Jasper would never ever ever do this, but its a hypothetical question. One to work the noggin. :D
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Post by emina88 »

LOL revival time, yeah!

ok, first of all, the line where you say jasper leaving alice sent me to hysterics

that is until i read the 'hypotetical' part :oops: :oops:

i don't think that alice is going to accept that. i mean, she's ALICE. do you really see her crying in her bed for the rest of forever? NO. she'll find jasper and bring him to his senses.

i think she's going to scold him or something like that :D (just a thought)

well, she could always track him down using her visions (just like the 1st time they met)
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Post by irrevocably_intoxicating »

she's the only character in the entire series that does not annoy me in some way.

she's adorable. smart. sexy. has a great fashion sense. throws great parties. and can see the future.

if i had the chance to be in the movie, i wouldn't chose bella, i'd chose alice.

she's awesome.



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Post by bluedragon »

Well, if Jasper ever did decide to leave the Cullens, first Alice would have a vision of that before it even happened. And I think it would probably be pretty clear, because she and Jasper are so attuned to each other. If Jasper really wanted to leave (without Alice seeing it) he'd have to have some quite elaborate plan of which I can't imagine.

But I think if he did want to leave the Cullens, he would want Alice to go with him. He wouldn't leave Alice even if he was leaving the Cullens. Alice would have to go as well.

I am still having trouble getting past the fact that he'd never do anything to make Alice unhappy... haha! But an interesting question all the same. After all, even though he doesn't like killing humans, at the same time he doesn't seem to like resisting the way the Cullens do.
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Post by j_egosum »

I don't think Jasper can leave Alice. They are like a unique person, they understand theyselves with only a looking. Jasper, in my opinion, never leave Alice, if he must leave the Cullens, he would want Alice with him.

I think he doesn't seem to like resisting the way the Cullens do because it's very very difficult for him after the life he get before meet Alice. It's diferent of Carlisle that since his transformation decides looking for other way of life, or Edward, Esme, Rosalie and Emmett that had Carlisle like a "teacher and friend" to help them since the beggining in difficult moments...Jasper had a "teacher" with completely different style of life for a long time. About Alice we don't know exactly how she lived after her transformation and before she meet Jasper and the Cullens...but I think she was essencial for Jacob life!

Well, I agree Alice would have a vision if Jasper would decide leave her or leave the Cullens because they are a lot linked!

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