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Post by YourFavoriteAries »

There are only 3 things me and Alice don't have in common:

1. She's a vampire.
2. She has an amazing power.
3. She has Jasper.


If only there were a way to get those 3 things. Especially numbers 2 and 3...

I ship Jasper and Alice more then Edward and Bella and I feel absolutely no shame.
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Post by Aymzie »

I just love Jasper. He's awesome.
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I have recently become a huge Jasper fan. He was always the Cullen who was pushed to the back of my mind. I reread the series a few days ago and was just amazed by how much I had missed about Jasper. His ability is amazing. Not only can he sense and manipulate feelings, but he has the ability to lead. He knows both sides of the vampire world, vegan and carnivore. His perspective is so important to the Cullen family. I truly have respect for the character and what he organized in Eclipse. I also love how he acts with Alice.
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