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<center> good point,
<center> streets probably were safer

<center> and also I didn't think she was being a brat for walking alone
<center> I just think she can be a brat in general,
<center> although, it's much easier to relate to Rosalie and see where she's coming from after hearing her story
<center> now things make more sense
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That one chapter stopped everyone completely hating Rose.
I love her and Jasper so much more now I know their stories.
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i really like rosalie actually. in eclipse when she told bella her story i felt so very sorry for her. of course she is very self-centered but obviously the girl is good at heart.
rose is so very sweet and emmett loves her hehe... whatever emmett loves i do to :p

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Post by Laurensgreenw/NV »

Yeah, knowing their stories really helped in the love process....although I loved Rose before that. I felt like she was just beging for love, but wouldn't show it. I made that connection with Leah Clearwater too, somehow. And I think that the main reason that Rosalie won't fully like Bella is because she's deciding to be a vampire, I also think that Rose should really try to see past that, and find out if she could like Bella. I mean, if she took the time to get to know Bella she would probaly find a better way to get through to her (though in the end it wouldn't work--'cause Bellas' so stubborn!) Plus Bella is going to be her sister!

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I read the extras on Stephenie's website. It wiped out any empathy I had for Rose.

Rose says that she envies Bella for her humanity. OK.

But when she's telling Edward that Bella is dead, she's actually *dumb* enough and *selfish* enough to think that Edward is just going to say, "Duh, ok. The love of my life is dead. I'll come home and everything will be as it was. Thanks, Rose!"

Hello? She thinks that because Bella is *human*, Edward couldn't love her (Bella) as much as she (Rose) loves Emmett.

Yeah. I'm seeing the respect for humanity.

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Post by Sternkind »

emina88 wrote: and i also agree that in the books, rosalie has changed a lot of her perspectives about bella and well, if you ask me it's only a matter of time before she and bella become good sisters
Rose and Bella could become good sisters but I think Alice and Bella will be closer. I could imagine that Rosalie will have her problems accepting Bella and her choice even after she (Bella) ist changed (if...). She'll come around eventually but she always would be remembered that Bella had the choice she didn't have and that Bella decided wrong (from Rose's point of view) so I wouldn't be suprised if they aren't going to be the best friends.
At least that's what I think. I might be entirely wrong, though...
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Post by Laurensgreenw/NV »

No, that makes since. Rosalie doesn't really bother to let people get close the way lovable Alice does. And even after all the smoke clears, both of them (Rose and Bella) are still going to remember how it use to be; the thing sthat Rosalie said to Bella, the mean looks...that just doesn't all go away, there had to be lots of felling behind those instances.
Rosalie has her reasons for really dislikeing Bella, shes not going to just drop all of them and say:" oh well, you totally didn't listen to me on the subject that is more important than life its self to me. But we can be best friends anyways!"
Though I still think after time they can be close....just not the way Alice and Bella are. On the same token though maybe Rose and Bella will have something deeper in their realitionship that was never there with Alice....?

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Post by libby123 »

^^ i agree.

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i like rosalie.

even though she was a snot in the first book, i think she and bella could become closer. i hope, anyway.

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Post by Laurensgreenw/NV »

I like Rose could you not love the beautiful people! Though it's a good thing she isn't real, 'cause otherwise I'd kill her (vamp or not!) just for being so beautiful! Yes, I'm a jealous person!

And is it just me or are the posts comin' out weird?? :?

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