Which character do you relate to most?

Discussion on the various characters throughout the books.

Which Character do you relate to most?

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Evolet Cullen
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Post by Evolet Cullen »

It's a mix between Bella and Edward. I relate to Bella in the way that she's "different." She's kind of in the backlight of things and doesn't mind. Not the most popular girl in school and does nothing to improve her social ranking or seem the least bit interested in petty, stupid, gossip normal teens are consumed with. She feels like she's never in harmony with the rest of the world, definitely relate to that. She's clumsy - 100% me allll the way. Unfourtunatley. Like myself, she doesn't have the nicest high-tech things everyone else does and not interested in obtaining any of it really. Closest to her mom, loves Jane Austen/the classics, not hand-eye coordinated for sports, doesn't like celebrating, and I will be moving to a place I can't stand.

As for Edward, I can relate to his wanting to remain "pure" until marriage, put off by ignorance, and having an extremely close bond to your family.

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Post by tay_girl18 »

It seems that the popular choice her is "Bella." And I feel myself leaning towards a mixture of Bella, Alice and Emmett (if that's even possible), yet I know that if I'm going to be completely truthful, that's not quite it. As much as I hate to say it, I'm probably mostly a Jessica Stanley or Angela Weber. I'm slightly materialistic, not out of the ordinary, I'm your typical teenage girl who worries about what she wears and what people think about her. People consider Jessica an antagonist sometimes, and I think it's just because the rest of the characters are so good and outside of the norm that their shinyness casts a shadow on Jessica. However, I do have traits of Bella (the feeling of aloneness, sometimes introverted ways, and the inability to not trip - I can't even walk in a straight line), Alice (her optimism and ability to pry into other's lives) and Emmett (his sense of humor).

So overall, not one character defines me. Not a one.

Newborn Bella Cullen
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Post by Newborn Bella Cullen »

i think im most like Alice because im small,love to shop,and optimistic like she seems to be.(my opinion)

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Post by BroadwayAmanda93 »

I think I relate most to Edward. I think we're both very similar in the way we think and see things. It's kind of hard to describe. Also, it's been told that in his human life Edward was very aware to the thoughts of people around him, and I feel that way too. When my friend is having a bad day or is upset, I'm usually the first one to pick up on it. Plus, I focus a lot of my time on trying to make others happy instead of myself. But sadly I don't think I'm exactly "dazzling!"
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Post by VPnymph »

By a mile, Alice. She's talkative, hyperactive, sociable, loves fashion, loves Jasper and is very WEIRD! She's like my freaking twin! hehe
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Post by yousquashedit »

I am a lot like Bella. I am constantly finding myself tumbling down flights of stairs, tripping over my own feet, or injuring many others (besides myself) whenever I am forced to play sports. I can hurt myself when I'm not even moving. I like to read classic novels. Jane Austin is one of my favorites. I am a hopeless bookworm and love to read books many find boring. I like classical music but will only recognize ones I really like or have listened to a lot. If I don't want to think about anything, I will blast Linkin Park music. I have few friends. I have aquaintences but few actual friends. I am completely shy, painfully so. I am a very curious person by nature. I can be paranoid at times (especially when doors are open).
There are a few differences, I'll admit. I prefer not to cook. My parents are still together. I (regretably) don't get the attention from guys (however unwanted) she does. And rather than science (which is my WORST subject), I am good at math (I hate it, but I'm good at it). I also am probably a bit more talkative than she is...but not a whole lot.
My only hope is that, someday, I find my "Edward" so to speak.
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Post by edwardsgirl.vampirelover »

here is a list of why i relate to BELLA!!!
  • 1. i love Edward
    2. i always trip
    3. i take care of mom alot
    4. i dont care wat people think of me
    5. i really dont like attention
    6. i love Wuthering Heights
    7. i speak my mined
    8. i always fall over mostly every thing
    9. i over react alot
    10. i dislike people spending money on me
    11. i can be a little dramatic
    12. i love to read
    13. i find myself always in a bad situation
    14. i have a very closed mined to like people can tell wat i am thing by action instead of words. like an open book.

i think though every one can relate to all the characters in their own little way. :)
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Post by EllieCullen »

lol The character I relate to isn't on here!
I relate to Leah. I love the whole woman scorned thing. It's such a human character and I've been known to get back at my ex's in any way I can. 8)
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Post by elysiepiecie »

I think I'm a three way tie between Bella, Alice, and Angela. I think that I'm most alike with Bella, because I'm just a wee bit clumsy, love to read, I'm a little over analytical and have a bit of a self esteem problem. I'm like Alice because I do like to shop, even though I don't have a passion like she does. I'm usually a happy person and I do have some premonitions about the future...no visions, just feelings. I'm like Angela because I'm shy and I would like to think pretty thoughtful and understanding. My reasonings fall short when I'm typing them, but it makes sense in my head.

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