Which character do you relate to most?

Discussion on the various characters throughout the books.

Which Character do you relate to most?

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Post by emmett_<3 »

It's a tie between Jasper and Leah.

Jasper because i'm able to make people feel better. I don't know how i do it, but everyone just says that i do it.

And Leah because i'm very independent. VERY. I don't let anyone or anything get in my way and i pretty much just say how i feel without looking at the consiquences.

I know that sounds bad haha but its true.
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Post by mudkip »

I'm more like Bella. I dont relate to people, im clutzy, i blush easily, too curious for my own good and have no regard for my own well-being. I dont like money spent on me, and alot blood makes me dizzy. (not like Bellas - little finger pricks dont bother me). However i have alot of Alice in me, with the pixie-ish attitude, and to be honest I'm alot like Jacob... a lot. lol

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Post by luvedwardcullen »

mlola619 wrote:I'd have to say Bella...haha this is going to sound SO BAD, but i don't mean any of it in an insulting way. Here goes!

Sometimes i feel kind of bored with the people around me, just as Bella feels once moving to Forks. Many times i find myself wondering "why do they worry about such little things?" or "Why are they so interested in drama?" I've had so many adults talk to me & say things like "there's no way you're a teenage girl!". Cause to be honest i really don't like to cause drama or make things harder for other people. I enjoy my life & like to look into deep subjects, such as reading and music and what not; call me old fashioned i guess haha. In the same way Bella seems to have deeper perspective on things. I'm glad a character has come out that thinks about situations more thoroughly- & she's as stubborn as i am haha. I guess it's a complicated matter, but i feel like i'm set apart from my age group (however you'd describe it?) I've never been into fashion....wow....not really sure where i'm going with this haha but to sum it all up- i feel more related to Bella & i guess that's why i've been able to really get into the series. Bella also found something different- something that's hers & no one else can have (Edward). I've also been in that kind of situation and find it to be so comforting finding something so valuable that not many other people my age treasure...i found this guy who was in many ways, like Edward (hard to believe i know). He was the type of person who wasn't looking for anyone, just going on through life not really finding anything to his liking; it's so funny cause i mean he was "perfect" in so many ways. Intellegent, good heart, goal oriented- definately not your average teen guy. Then of course we eventually ended up together & i couldn't grasp it since i'd secretely been crushing over the guy for 3 years...though i never let it show haha...i guess i just don't value the same things your "average teen" values? I always look for something meaningful- something i will remember you know? And not just relationship wise- but experience wise. I love to explore things around me & take in life- not sit around talking about "she said he said". I feel like Bella is such a relative character for me: not interested in the same things as everyone else, comfortable dresser, not into fashion, found something she didn't expect, etc.

As i said before- i probably sound like a total snob right now haha, but i just felt i should share since everyone else was doing the same :)
Wow, I love your post! You really found a boy like that? Amazing! Are you guys still together, sounds like you were very lucky to find each other (just like Bella and Edward).
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Post by emilymichellecullen »

Mine is definently alice. im very open. and her physical description matches me perfectly except i have blonde hair! Im smaller with very sharp features and not too clumsy, im also extremely at ease when other can feel uncomfortable as well as im very friendly and when i was in highschool i talked to every group there was practically

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Post by bella3190 »

I think that I would relate to bella because she is very decisive she has her mind made up and no one can tell her otherwise. I'm like that you can not change my mind at all I will argue with people before I change my mind.
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Well this is a tuffy

Post by AliceMarieHale »

Its a tuffy for me because I'm like alice and bella but I think I'm more like bella than alice though. For alice I love to shop but then again some times I dread going shopping, all depends on who its with and most of the time its my aunts or mom so i dislike it alot.

Then I use to play sports but I suck badly and the only things i use to do was volleyball and softball. I can't tell u how many times i got hurt or got other people hurt as well. I still play family volleyball but its not really the real thing though cause me and my family kind of suck at it.

Then I love to read as bella does and I'm quit curious about alot of things and I can supress my fears quite well too. But Alice tells her feelings right away like me and doesnt hold back but then i can hold my feelings in just like bella. So I contradict alot between alice and Bella.

My friends call me alice though more than bella. But my one friend disagree's with the rest and says I'm more like bella. Though guys call me balla more than alice, I happen to get into trouble alot and am very clumsy. so see my problem? lol
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Post by ~Lindsay~ »

I'm not sure, I'm not much like anyone, but I voted Emmett because of my good sense of humor (or so I tell myself).

Actually, I think I'm very much like Angela Weber because I'm very shy and quiet but understanding. :) I'm also a little like Bella because I'm intelligent, a brunette, and relatively average, appearance-wise. :)
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Post by jaspercookie »

Alice- no question there. In other books, I'm sometimes between characters, but as soon as I read about Alice in Twilight, I knew she was practically my twin. Not so much the physical description (I'm rather tiny, but not really what you'd call pixie-like), but her personality is totally like mine: how upbeat she is and the eccentricity, plus she has a yellow porsche and if you know me at all, you know my obsession of the color yellow only seconds my obsession to the Twilight series. :)
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Post by juless »

I relate to Alice in a lot of ways. She seems shy and withdrawn... until you get to know her. And then, you can't get her to shut up.

That's so me, haha.

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Post by Crooked_Rose »

I've always been a mix of Alice, Esme and Bella.

I'm like Bella because, well, I have brown hair and brown eyes. I am also a huge klutz.

I'm like Alice because, as juless stated above me, you can't get me to shut up (and I love to shop!)

But all of my friends say I am the Esme of our group. They say it's because I always act like the "mom" around my friends and the "peacemaker."
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