Which character do you relate to most?

Discussion on the various characters throughout the books.

Which Character do you relate to most?

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Post by Minuet »

I voted for Esme b/c I'm usually the one taking care of everyone... I'm not the motherly type (not a fan of children), but I feel like I take care of my friends (my extended family) in that motherly way.

I probably would have voted Jacob - I'm a part of Team Edward, but I feel for Jacob: always the friend, never the romantic interest. I felt for Jacob during those parts.

I wish I were like Alice. I adore her and I wish I had her style, grace, and personality.
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Post by CanadianAlice »

I think I identify with Alice the most because she loves fashion and make up products! She gets excited over very sill things too and always shows her excitment. Plus I'm around the same height as her :)
I want to sparkle like Edward!
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Jasper!!!! or bella?

Post by overajump »

I relate most to Jasper, I think. I mean, like Bella I cry when I get fusterated or angry and I have an over imaginative mind, and I tend to pick at someone until I get the answers I wan't(hence the camp fire with... :shock:...Jacob), But I'm most like Jasper. I tend to pick up on other people's feelings. I try to make them feel the best that I possibly can, but in the end, I always end up getting hurt. It seems, liek Jasper, their feelings wear off on me.
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Post by greeneggs »

It would be the truck. Definitely the truck.

Although I'd probably be a car... Still, the truck and I definitely are on the same wavelength.
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Post by Mirrorbay2000 »

Physically I look most like Jessica Stanely. Really short with brown curly hair. That's me.

But emotionally... I'm a mix between Bella & Carlisle/Esme

Bella, hand down, because I'm one of the clumsiest people to walk the planet. When I was three, 3, three years old!, the doctor told my parents to put me in ballet class to help me with my coordination. Because I would walk down the middle of the hallway, perfectly fine, and then the next minute my parents would hear a crash and I'd be on the floor crying.

But I'd like to say I'm a mix between Carlisle and Esme because they're both very strong and they have faith. I really respect Carlisle because he never doubts his God even after everything he has seen in the world.
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i am most like.,....

Post by LaTuaCantante1 »

i know a lot of people have said bella....of couse. and im sure others are like great another bella. but i hate being center of attnetion, i blush on a dime, i trip over my own feet and flat surfaces, im not much of a talker, pretty independant or thats what grama always told me, i kind of have my edward but i have a slight jacob relationship, i love that classics, an di hate the cold......but parts of my are like rosalie because i cant let things go...but mostly bella
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Post by Cillexd »

Okay, many many people here have said Bella, and I'm joining them.

I am diagnosed with Authism (sp?) and therefore I'm not the most open-minded person you'll ever meet. I feel out of place everywhere I go, because I don't share openions, interests and personality with anyone :(. Bella explains in "Twilight", (I dunno where it is in the English version, because I have it in my own lingo) but she explains that she doesn't feel in place anywhere too.

I'm also really really clumsy, and as we all know, she is too. I'm falling over my own feet, and more than one time I've gone right into a busstop or a glas-door. Lol, sounds funny, but hurts. Hehe.. :D

Also, I can also relate to her personality, her way of thinking reminds me of myself, sometimes. The way she handles situations, and that she is easy to tears. I am that too.

Okay, this is going to sound SO STUPID, but Bella has actually learned me much. I know I sound like this freak now, but still. She has, and that is so weird having learned stuff from a fictional character. LOL XD

But by looks, I think I fit Esme best. I don't know actually. I'm quite tall, not skinny - neither fat, has blonde hair and a long forehead. So yeah, XD
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Post by IwantAlicesporsche »

Hehe. Without any question, I would relate to Bella the most. You know they say that gymnast are the most clumsiest people in the world. I can be such a klutz sometimes. I trip over mats, my flip flops, my feet, rocks, tables, AIR! hehe. I even trip UP the stairs sometimes! Who does that??? I've gotten bruses from tripping up the stairs. Oh and one time I was running to do a round-off backhandspring backtuck and while I was running, i tripped and flipped onto my shoulder. I had SERIOUS rug-burn. And instead of laying there whining about how bad it hurt, I was laughing. But I am the person to laugh instead of cry when I'm hurt which is akward.
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Post by Auron »

I'd have to say... Jasper. :oops: I'm the kind of 'military commander' type person. I try taking things realistically, and I have a different view on things. I'm sort of pushy and charismatic, and I can put things together pretty quickly. :P

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Post by Erendis »

It was difficult for me to decide since I had a little bit of one characteristic that each character possessed.

I'm like Bella if I really had to decide. We both enjoy the classics and are curious. I'm also clumsy. I don't go so far as Bella where I break a bone or get a concussion, but I have this way of dropping things that are impossible for other people to drop. Like a piece of paper, I was handed by my mom once. She and I were right next to each other and she handed me the paper and I still, somehow, was able to drop it.

I could also be like Edward in that I'm very cautious and feel like I'm to blame for the pain of others. I always also try to carry all the weight, like he does.
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