Which character do you relate to most?

Discussion on the various characters throughout the books.
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Which Character do you relate to most?

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Which character do you relate to most?

Post by CasaK »

I know that everyone here has a favorite character, usually it is Edward, but I was wondering which character in Twilight everyone here relates to most and why. I think that mine would probably be Rosalie, not because I'm all that pretty, but because I have personality that I won't let anything go and will nag on something for forever, plus I tend to cling to the past a little.

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Post by ArdaSilverlace »

Gosh, that's a tough question.... But if I had to chose, I think I can relate to Bella the most. Not because she's pretty or has a super-hot boyfriend, but because se always tries to be diplomatic, careful not to hurt anyone's feelings (like when she let down Mike, Taylor, etc.). Plus, she's smart and observant, and I'd like to think I'm that too. :) Oh, and she reads classics even when she doesn't have to, like Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre, etc.
Alda Rethe
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Post by Alda Rethe »

I relate to Bella too. She's quiet and independent and intelligent, like me. I think. I try to do the right thing, like her, and comfort and please my mom and dad.

Plus she doesn't seem quite that comfortable in public, with other people. Making small talk and communicating (at least I got that impression). That I can totally relate too.
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Post by Artjerk528 »

I'm probably most like Alice only because I can be very up beat and truthful. :P
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Post by Fallen into Twilight »

I definitely relate to Bella the most, or at least that's what my friends say. They say I am the clumsiest person they know! lol Plus I'm pretty quiet (at least when I'm not at school for some reason I'm really loud there!) and you get the feeling that before she met Edward she was very independent, so I think she is the only one that I can completely relate to.
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Post by dorky_1d1ot »

i relate to alice mostly because i love fashion and i just tend to care a lot about everyone i know. i have a friend who i just love hanging and watching out for her like alice does for bella in a way. my friend calls me her guardian angel...
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Post by bforbearrawr »

well i can't really throw myself into a specific character because i am terrible at that sort of thing, but when i let my best friend read twilight, he told me that he pictured me as bella the whole time due to my clumsiness, relentlessness. dark hair, etc... that was kind of neat... but then of course i argued with him. i'm 5'9" and my hair is not long... tis quite short... yepp
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Post by sealakewhirl »

i don't really feel like i have a good enough handle on the characters yet to make a pick...
bella or alice would probably be the closest (i'm clumsy too) but, I LOVE to dance so....?
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Post by ilubbyousomuch »

It's Bella for me...I am a total CLUTZ-I hide my feelings (I think that's mentioned in Ch. 2) and my temper is also hi-wired to my tear ducts

But I also relate to Alice with the whole bubbly personality thing.
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Post by Idony »

Bella for me. all my friends say they think im bellas twin or something but thats just stupid, bella is way beyond human imagination. i do realte to bella though.
Idony, Over and out
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