Which character do you relate to most?

Discussion on the various characters throughout the books.

Which Character do you relate to most?

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Post by leela0687 »

I also thing that i'd be rosaline simply because she's kind of hard headed, and stuborn. She speaks her mind without letting anyone else influence her thoughts and ideas. She seems like the only one who is willing to keep bella, bella, and I like that.
My votes for Jacob :-)

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Post by Marissa06 »

I relate to Bella the most, and as I have noticed so do many others. The reasons I relate to her the most out of all the characters probably aren't all that unique but here goes. First of all I am clumsy too, not quite as bad as Bella but it is still surprising. The biggest area I relate to Bella in is that I sometimes wonder if my brain works the same way as everyone else's does too. I have friends, but I still feel like I'm different. I don't let it bother me or anything, it is who I am, but still. I am also a sarcastic person and I appreciate it when others understand my sense of humor :) In other smaller ways, I too love reading, especially Jane Austen and I feel like we look somewhat similar. But I still relate more to her in the way we feel. So that might sound weird or corny or whatever but it is what it is!
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Post by laffytaffygurl »

i relate to bella and jacob the best

bella- i'm horribly clumsy and i dont relate to many people very well.

jacob- bella refers to him as her personal sun, my nickname is sunshine to many people
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heello- i relate 2.....

Post by rxtwilightqueen »

i cant always pinpoint who i like-love-hate, but i mostly related to rosalie....just because even though shes gorgeous and might be known as a shallow grl- but she isnt!!!! i luv that. she's down to earth and strong in her opinion. like me- kind of stubborn and manage to normally stay on every1 good side. rosalie- you are the closest vampire relative!!!!
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Post by fluxxii »

This is a hard one. Personality-wise, I relate most to Alice. In regards to my experience with relationships and my life in general, I relate most to Bella. My attitude is definitely the same as Emmett's attitude though. No final answer, so I didn't vote!
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Post by edward_is_better_ »

I can't really say with confidence who I'm most like because my personality is so scattered.

But the closest I can think of is Edward.He is just so self sacrificial and I'm the same way.No matter what I would always rather have pain on me then the on the ones I love.If something caused me pain but would be better for the other person it would be worth it to.

I'm also very forgiving,more than I would like to be.I can't hold a grudge,no matter what.I can't be mad at someone even if they want me to be.Morally I stick to my morals and will do whatever I can to keep them and someone I care about morals.

I'm also pretty self loathing.I can't except to myself something that makes me worthy of anything.It goes hand in hand with how analytical I can be.and a little obsessive.I overly observe everything.Im really pessimistic too.
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Post by jireneyoon »

i can relate to alice the most, because i'm sort of eccentric, and i love to go shopping, throw parties, and dress people!
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Post by luvedwardcullen »

For me it's definitely Bella...in fact when I read this book I was fairly shocked at how similar she is to me! We have the same book list that's for sure. And I was enamoured with Romeo and Juliet too. One of my favorite scenes is where Edward is whispering Romeo's lines to Bella while she's watching the movie. Like her, I've been in love with someone and I couldn't believe he liked me cause he was so perfect. My boyfriend in college was like that (but unlike Edward, turned out he was still in love with his ex...sigh). In fact it just happened to me recently and I told the guy I can't believe someone like 'him' would like someone like me. Like Bella I never really related to many other girls or had a lot of girlfriends. I'm like her in that I like the comfy sweats and am not into fashion trends or what bag everyone is carrying. I was always reading stuff like Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights. And like Bella I agonize over the decison making too, but once I've made up my mind I can deal with the situation no matter how scary. Physically we are the same too. I have brown hair to my waist and brown eyes. But I'm a bit taller, I'm almost 5' 10". By the way I LOVE how Edward is 6' 2", love tall guys!

About the only we differ in is that I love the rain. I hate the heat and bright sunny days and always have since I was little. But yea...maybe that's why I like the book so much....Bella reminds me of me, how I think, and what I'd like in a guy. I love the fact that Edward is such a gentleman and his affection that isn't crude (if you know what I mean, he can be touchy feely without taking it too far and be happy). I am definitely hopeful to find an Edward after reading the books. Stephenie is definitely a role model for women....our standards have definitely been raised and we'll never settle for ordinary again! :wink:
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Post by CullenAddict664 »

I think it is somewhat of a tie between Alice and Bella for me.I have the understanding and caring nature that Alice has, but I am also super stubborn like Bella.
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Post by mlola619 »

I'd have to say Bella...haha this is going to sound SO BAD, but i don't mean any of it in an insulting way. Here goes!

Sometimes i feel kind of bored with the people around me, just as Bella feels once moving to Forks. Many times i find myself wondering "why do they worry about such little things?" or "Why are they so interested in drama?" I've had so many adults talk to me & say things like "there's no way you're a teenage girl!". Cause to be honest i really don't like to cause drama or make things harder for other people. I enjoy my life & like to look into deep subjects, such as reading and music and what not; call me old fashioned i guess haha. In the same way Bella seems to have deeper perspective on things. I'm glad a character has come out that thinks about situations more thoroughly- & she's as stubborn as i am haha. I guess it's a complicated matter, but i feel like i'm set apart from my age group (however you'd describe it?) I've never been into fashion....wow....not really sure where i'm going with this haha but to sum it all up- i feel more related to Bella & i guess that's why i've been able to really get into the series. Bella also found something different- something that's hers & no one else can have (Edward). I've also been in that kind of situation and find it to be so comforting finding something so valuable that not many other people my age treasure...i found this guy who was in many ways, like Edward (hard to believe i know). He was the type of person who wasn't looking for anyone, just going on through life not really finding anything to his liking; it's so funny cause i mean he was "perfect" in so many ways. Intellegent, good heart, goal oriented- definately not your average teen guy. Then of course we eventually ended up together & i couldn't grasp it since i'd secretely been crushing over the guy for 3 years...though i never let it show haha...i guess i just don't value the same things your "average teen" values? I always look for something meaningful- something i will remember you know? And not just relationship wise- but experience wise. I love to explore things around me & take in life- not sit around talking about "she said he said". I feel like Bella is such a relative character for me: not interested in the same things as everyone else, comfortable dresser, not into fashion, found something she didn't expect, etc.

As i said before- i probably sound like a total snob right now haha, but i just felt i should share since everyone else was doing the same :)
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