Which character do you relate to most?

Discussion on the various characters throughout the books.

Which Character do you relate to most?

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Shadow Grrl
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Post by Shadow Grrl »

I think I relate to Edward the most.

Besides the fact that I look rather undead most of the time, and have scaring people with my eyes down to an art (i have the predatory smile down fairly well, too), but besides that, I think, though I'm not sure, that I can see everything from any perspective if I try. It's not that I can read minds, because I most certainly can not, but it's more that I can see things the way other people see them. And I can sometimes see things from the perspective of someone who is one hundred years old but has never been older than seventeen. It's difficult to explain.
And I tend to over-think things to an extreme. That's a given, of course. I'll think up these complicated ways to remember something as simple as 'i need to pick up milk on the way home from school'.
And.... I see myself as a parasite. I'm not going to even try to explain that.
And then there are some obvious things, like, I have a 101.2 average in History, Math, and English (My science teacher is a retard. I'm right more often than she is, but she refuses to admit it).
I'm so pale that I'm also translucent, I have a habit of walking extremely fast, I have green eyes (though they like to change color), I can hardly ever find my pulse, and I like all sorts of music (especially classical).

Yeah, okay, that's the most I've every talked about myself in one sitting... *sighs* I have way too much free time.
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Post by KB »

I relate most to Esme because I am very protective of all of my friends and family and I love restorations and historical homes!
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Post by Sean »

Emmett probably cause i guess i talk more then i should =D
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Post by BlackLace »

I said Emmett! Because for one, i'm quite strong lol
and I crack so many jokes (i'm sooo the class clown)
and i'm always there for my family and friends just like him. :D

although I trip over my own feet like Bella...whatever! 8)
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Post by sevendais »

I'm going with the crowd here and saying that I think I can relate most with Bella out of the entire Forks gang.
It's mostly because she keeps finding herself in crappy situations, but she does her best to try to work her way out of, even though, sometimes it really just comes down to Team Cullen saving her butt.
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Post by edwards_brunette_bella »

for me it would be a tie between alice and bella im like alice because i have a crazy bubbly personality im like bella because im clumsy and i prefer to stay indoors :)

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Post by Aro'sFemaleCounterpart »

Well, does it have to be one of the supernatural Forks crowd?

I find myself similar to Aro- his 'freakishly curious' behavior reminds me much of myself, and his general demeanor. . .

Likewise, so does Caius. I'm often quite a lot like him when I talk to people. They can be useful, but normal humans are so slow. I have to rephrase so much of what I say until they can understand me, and it irritates me so much. . .

Gosh, I sound conceited. Still true, though. My 'peers' are moronic bores, for the most part.

But yes, it irritates me. I scarcely bother trying to pretend otherwise. People call me pessimistic, but. . . . . never mind.
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Post by jane's_sister »

well, i selected rosalie. but just because there are only main cahacters offered. if i could choose between all characters i'd say that i'm somewhere between rose and jane. i don't like having rivals like jane and i would have been as furious as she is when her talents don't work with bella. maybe i would have killed her. and i would have tried my gift once more with aro, just to check whether it doesn't work at all or just with bella... :twisted:
rosalie... well, i don't like it when people know too much about my faintnesses just as she does. rose thinks of somebody with knowledge of the whole vampire-thing as a potential danger for her and her family. so being a vampire is a faintness for her.
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Post by imwiththevampires »

i would have to say Bella. Mostly because she is quiet and thoughtful. I often stare off into space. And because she is quite observant and good at reading people, i think im like that. Oh and my mom also tells me that i talk in my sleep!!
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Post by Mischievous Alice Cullen »

I think I'm most like Angela, actually...She's tall and quiet, and so am I!
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