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break4jake wrote:aw i'm sorry jacob_is_my_hero! (nice username by the way) *HUG*

but since he was younger, it might not have hurt him as much as his sisters, since they were older. it would still affect him yes, i never meant that he wouldn't be affected, just that maybe it wouldn't be as bad since he was young.

i don't think though, that jake is, at any time during the books, seriously down/affected by his mom not being there. he might miss her, but isn't depressed that she's not there. if he was, sam or the rest of the pack could here him when they're in wolf form.

and not to be rude, but a parent dying and parents getting divorced are 2 different things. you've had to go through those stresses and struggles for most of your life, while jake was only 6 when his mom died and he only had 6 years worth of memories. i'm not saying his mom's death wouldn't affect him, just that it might not have had a such strong affect since he was little. (how many memories do you have of when you were six and younger?)
I agree. I think that maybe that was just a little plot ploy to help move the story along, maybe SM didn't want to introduce a new character, or you know, there's also that thing with Paul's [or was it Jared?] father being one of the elders. Maybe if it IS Billy, than having a Mrs. Black would just complicate things, you know?
Either way, I don't think SM planned or plans on dwelling on that little factoid, and I don't really think she ever planned on Jacob dwelling on it much either. Just no time for it in the story. :roll:
That's only my opinion though. :]
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break4jake wrote:you are absolutely right raphael! there are almost 4 jake threads, and 1 edward thread.

we are very proud of that here :D

LOL I can't even begin to tell you how geekily happy that makes me! Maybe I am obsessed...

Naw, I just luv my Jake lol!
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i agree exactactally with you LT. not enough time in the story.

raphael nice! *dances with you* haha! it makes me proud to see how much jake is appreciated, even if it's only by a couple of people. :D

i'm leaving for vacation later on tonight, so if you don't see me much for the month of July, that's why. Please try not to be on Jacob Black phase 5 or 6 until i get back. missing one phase is enough :(

hahahaha i'm bringing all my twilight books with me! :twisted: heaven help my parents!!!!!!
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OMHJ-oh my hot jacob :D
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ahhh b4j i'll miss you!!!! i'll watch your videos while you're away i promise!!!!

well, i think that it probably had an effect on jacob when his mom died. but i also think that death is very different from divorce, in that the emotions it brings are different. death brings grief, which can include sadness, confusion, anger, and so on. but grief can usually be worked through and dealt with pretty well, especially when you are so young.

divorce, however, is an ENTIRELY different thing, with totally different emotions, and a lot of the time, those emotions don't "settle down" the way they do with grief.

also, i think jacob's general light, happy nature helped him with that. and i think he inherited that from his mother. there are some people in the world who just let misfortune wash right over them, and it leaves them behind, and jake's one of them.
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i hope he's at the wedding! i also hope he's not the major character that dies! i like him, and i hope him and bella can stay friends
oh, and freekin team jane! hope she finds a nice vampire boy thats not quite as hot as edward, but pretty freekin close!

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leahfellinlovwithtwilight wrote:i hope he's at the wedding! i also hope he's not the major character that dies! i like him, and i hope him and bella can stay friends
I don't think that he will die. He is SMs favourite character and she said she believes in happy endings.
And I wish that he and bella could stay friends, but if she becomes a vampire I don't really see how thats possible.... :roll:
And as for the wedding.....I think it would be really painful for him to watch, but I do hope he and bella speak before/IF she is changed. Then again, he would see the wedding in seths mind anyway, so regardless of whether he goes or not he will still witness it :roll:
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