Elizabeth Masen A.K.A Edward's Mother

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I think it was just a feeling she had that Carlisle could save Edwards life, a sort of impulse feeling maybe, and since she cared so much for her son she felt she had to do everything she could to assure he would survive/live, not become a vampire. I doubt any parent would want their kid to become a vampire.

She was probably a very intuitive person, and perhaps that's where Edward got it from since we know that even before he became a vampire he was already pretty intuitive when it came to people and their thoughts.
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Rukie17 wrote:Does anybody know what Edwards parents look liked?
Well in new moon during the birthday chapter, when Carlisle was curing Bella's arm, he tells her how he met Edward and his family and how she changed him, and he mentioned that Edward had the same bronze colored hair and the same green eyes (when he was human) as his mother, so I'm guessing she probably looked a lot like Edward, same hair, and same human green eyes.
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I know people have said this before, but I think that she knew Carlisle was something different from the other doctors. She didn't know he was a Vampire but something not quit normal, and in her last moments she would have been desperate enough to do anything that might save her son. She was probably pulling straws and it looks like she came up Ace with Carlisle, though that probably depends on whether you regard being a vampire as good or bad.
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i dont know if this has bin said or not
because i did not read all 8 pages sorry if it has

but i think that edward mother was really preceptive
we pick up things from our parents
and edward as a vampire can read peoples minda
he prolly was a preceptive person before
and maby got some of that from his mother
i dont think his mother new exactly what was going on
but im sure she knew that he was not human
and would do anything to save her son

i really like edwards mom :)
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i'd like to know more about elizabeth....how did she know that carlisle could do what others could not????
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I'm sure this has been hinted at earlier, but I'll bet that it was a combo of her delusions from the fever and a latent psychic ability Edward's mom had. I'll bet that's how Edward got his gift -- inherited it from his mom. After all, they did resemble each other physically a lot. I know this is different, but my mom and I look a lot alike, and both of us have this eerie knack for being able to read body language really well and we're both really good at playing piano by ear. Some traits are just inherited. I'll bet that's how it was with Edward.

I'd love to hear more about her in the future. She sounds like she would've been a really cool character to get to know.

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Post by emilyelizabeth »

I don't think she knew either. Elizabeth knew she was going to die, and I think she had come to terms with that. For her though, the thought of her 17 year old son being stripped of his life before he was able to fully live probably tore her heart to pieces. I think in asking Carlisle to do everything he could to save Edward, she was indirectly telling him to try anything and everything he could think of.

I'm reminded of Esme:
"Yes, my first and only baby. He died just a few days after he was born, the poor tiny thing," she sighed. "It broke my heart -- that's why I jumped off the cliff, you know," she added matter-of-factly."
A mother's love is so powerful; Elizabeth loved Edward so much that she begged Carlisle for Edward's life instead of her own. Esme loved her child so much that she felt life not worth living without him.


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Just out of Curiosity I would love to understand why Edward's Birth Mother semi gave off the feeling that she knew Calise's secret. i mean that really got me thinking, how could she know? Coinsidence-I think Not!!!
well i think that her mother instincts told her that carlisle was something no other doctor there was and that was why she told him that. i for one would like to learn a bit more about her in the new upcoming book.
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I wish there was more about Elizabeth in the books. She seemed like such a sweet and wonderful mother , protective just like Edward is. :lol:

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I think it has something about the mother's instinct that makes her think that Carlisle is different from everyone else and can save her son's life!

As in the book, she wasn't that ILL like Edward, she just took care of him and ignored about her health until she died!

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