Elizabeth Masen A.K.A Edward's Mother

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Post by Emily_Jane_Cullen »

Well yeah, she definetly didn't know that he was a vampire. But I'm really curious about her, especially when Carlisle said (in New Moon, I think) that Edward was so much like his mother had been in lots of ways.

It makes me wonder about her a lot. It would be cool to see a vulgar language is ugly of Edward's life.
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God bless her!!! (would that be carlisle bless her?)

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Post by Pineapple90 »

Perhaps she was delusional with fever due to the flu, and when she saw Carlisle in all his perfection and beauty she thought he was some form of god? There probally was a lot more superstition and religious belief around the 1900's, so perhaps she knew the end was coming, she saw the light and thought that god or an angel was coming for her. If she was religious and she saw this perfect man standing in the "bright light" what else would she have thought?
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Post by runs_with_wolves »

Perhaps she thought that Carlisle was human, but no ordinary human. Maybe she thought that he could do more than any other doctor. She loved Edward so much that she wanted this great doctor to do everything he can to save her son.
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Post by nightrose »

i know people have been saying they think edward got his perception from his mother, but i really think special abilities like that are a non-heriditary kind of thing. It just seems more individual than that.
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Re: Elizabeth Masen A.K.A Edward's Mother

Post by mbk0001 »

Artjerk528 wrote:Just out of Curiosity I would love to understand why Edward's Birth Mother semi gave off the feeling that she knew Calise's secret. i mean that really got me thinking, how could she know? Coinsidence-I think Not!!!
i think ethier...
number 1, edward's mom knew about carlisles secret...
number2 kk she was sick so she could've just been flippin delerious
number 3 (what i think is the mostly likely possibility) she had a mothers instict that he could save edward in a way the other doctors couldn't. i mean, moms sometimes have those feelings, for example, my mom once drove all the way out to my summer camp once because she had one of those "feelings" even though nothing was wrong. but sometimes moms are right..... hmmm.........

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Post by LaTuaCantante95 »

i think elizabeth would've made a good vampire. it seems like she had some sort of 'feeling' that carlisle was something above and beyond a human. but then bella had the same thing with the cullens. (see NM; she finds it hard to accept jake as a werewolf but not edward as a vampire)

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Post by Nevaeh »

Samby wrote:i think that she didn't know what carlisle was just that he could save her son. or maybe not. maybe she was just trying to make herself believe that if she told someone to do it that they would no matter what. who knows?
i agree i think that she just knew that he was a great doctor and that if she told him he might be able to save her son because she loved him so much and didn't want him to die, no matter what it took to cure him.
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Post by Elysia »

I agree, I don't think Elizabeth knew that Carlisle was a vampire, it was more that she could see that Carlisle was different from average people and if anyone could save her son from dying it would be Carlisle
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Post by Rukie17 »

Does anybody know what Edwards parents look liked?

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