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Post by I*choose*both »

really? When I first met him I thought of him as sort of a protector *shrugs* haha :D
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Post by purplepolka »

I can agree with the comparison; although, I believe that Carlise doesn't even come near the amount of hate for the "others" as Sam does (his amount of hate for the vampires really bothers me...); remember Carlise's "power" (like Edward's mind reading) is compassion, so...

And, I've never really liked Sam, although I could understand his intentions, like I said the hate thing bothers me, and his deal with overpossession really makes me want to scream. He doesn't allow Jake to grow at all. Also, I don't think that Sam's a very good alpha; I think that Jake will over-take that particular position just because Jake is for one, phsically stronger, and for two, he doesn't hate the vampires as much and now has a little "spy", Sam would have never dreamed of having such a connection. :D
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Re: Sam/Carlise

Post by Polaris »

Where is everyone getting the impression that Sam completely loathes vampires (other than the general they're-to-blame-for-us-being-what-we-are thing)? What I mean is, any quotes or scenes? Because if anything, I'd think Jacob hated vampires more than Sam. He's being separated from the one girl he's come to be this fond of after all.
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Post by MaryxAlicexBrandonxCullen »

True i agree with you^^^
He doesnt Hate the vampires but he doesnt like them, thats how i like to put it!
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Post by ~Delilah Rose~ »

I think, in regard the vampires and werewolves, everyone hates everyone, with varying degrees, of course. They all just have different ways of showing it, or dealing with it.
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Post by welshchick09 »

I personally have a bad feeling about Sam.

After reading New Moon like a few times.

When Bella has those dreams and he's just there totally not himself and all dark.. you think that could be a future event.. I could be wrong but because of those reasons

I have a feeling :?
Plus Bella isn't that big of a fan of him either.

But i'll agree the emily thing is so cute so like i said could just be reading him all wrong. guess i'll find out and With the whole Billy thing i don't think he was ever a Werewolf.

I mean maybe he could have been but i dont understand the whole thing about them become werewolfs when the Vampires come back i mean i know the cullens came back 2 years before from Alaska.. i'm really confussed :? and i'm having a hard time explaining this anyone even get what i'm trying to get at?!

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Post by gotta_luv_that_cullen_boy »

well, i don't really have anything against Sam (other than the fact that he's against the Cullens ((who i love))) and i also agree that the whole emily and sam thing is cute, but i have a bad feeling that he's not going to live through eclipse or much more of the series... it seems to me that if Sam was gone, then Jacob would be the alpha since he's a "natural" then don't you think there would be more problems between the werewolves and the vampires?? hmm?

or am i just crazy?? :?
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Post by Sansa »

I like Sam. He's mature and sensible and he really cares about Emily. He really loves her. It would be interesting to know more about their relationship.
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Post by Drkfairy »

Chaos- I was thinking Sam's dad was a werewolf. But it was his grandfather. I didn't mean his grandfather was Embry's dad.
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Post by Chaos »

Drkfairy wrote:Chaos- I was thinking Sam's dad was a werewolf. But it was his grandfather. I didn't mean his grandfather was Embry's dad.
OHHH! Okay I get what you meant know.

I do think that it might have Sam's father who is Embry's father. Because if it were Quil or Jacob's it would just be extremely awkward.
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