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he may

Post by i<3eddyc.. »

he may not be the main charactor but he is one of my favorites

he is so funny

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Post by MikkiC »

i love quil
he is funny
he is the only one
who likes being a werewolf
itz sad how he doesnt know his father

was he the one with the chocolate fur
because he was so sweet?? lol
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Post by runs_with_wolves »

I love Quil! He is so funny! He's so carefree(kind of like emmet.) He seems the happiest with being a werewolf, even with all the responsibilties that come with it. I cant wait to hear more about him in BD.
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Post by SPARKLES »

Candice wrote:Personally, I think that Quill is an important character.

1. His character basically showed everyone what imprinting really was. He showed that you can imprint on someone a lot younger than you and that the relationship doesn't always have to start out romantic. Without out his imprinting 'situation' I don't think that we would have really known the extent of imprinting and how few boundaries that there are to it.

2. When Bella saw him walking all alone and drove him home, he basically confirmed that something serious was happening with Jake. He showed that it wasn't just Bella that Jake was ignoring. Quill and Jake had been friends practically all of their lives and as soon as Jake became a werewolf, it's like they never knew each other. It showed the full extent of the hold that Sam has over the others.

3. Probably not as important as the other two, but Quill is a pretty funny character.

I hope that Quill's role increases and that we see more of him soon.
I really agree with your post and was thinking the same thing about his imprinting. I would love to read more about his relationship with Claire as she grows. Not just as she grows and it turns romantic, but what their relationship is like while she is young, with him acting as the big brother. Imprinting sure is a wonder, and his situation really shows the extent of the feelings that the "imprinter" has for the "imprintee". (are those words??) To be willing to be the big brother, then the friend, and then hopefully the romantic partner, but being willing to be whatever it is that she needs. He would spend his whole life devoted to Claire even if she didnt choose him romantically. What would that do to him I wonder? If she choose someone else, I wonder if he would be hurt or if he would just be happy to be there for her in whatever capacity she wants. Would he be content to be her friend? Would he grow romantic feelings for her even though she doesnt have them for him? I know that the probabilty is that Claire will choose him romantically but those are questions that come to my mind if she didnt choose him that way. Any thoughts?
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Post by jazzheart »

I think that Claire will choose Quil romantically. Everyone wants someone who can love them unconditionally - and there will be a time when Claire is ready for a more mature relationship and as always Quil will be there for her and she'll realise (if she hasn't already) that he is the one for her.
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Post by twilightlover »

Personally I love Quill. He's like the Emmett of the werewolves. I love his character - and the fact that he enjoys being a werewolf.

And I definitly think that Claire will choose him romantically. I mean it's like what Jacob said in Eclipse - why would you not choose someone who was made for you? Who would do anything to protect you and keep you happy? Of course she'll choose him.
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Post by ObsessiveRomantic »

Sorry! Double post by mistake!
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Post by ObsessiveRomantic »

Aww, Quil rocks!

I love the werewolves and the brotherlike bond they have and him being apart of that, and obviously enjoying that make me like him. He seems more relaxed and even from New Moon when we first saw him, he made me laugh with him checking Bella out. He's lighthearted and with all the drama, it's needed.

Also, when he was terrified of the pack, and he was talking to Bella about it, how can you not feel for him?! You just want to reach into the book and give him a cuddle! And then to see him come full circle, him being next, exactly what he didn't want, and to love it so much was really cute to see.

I'm glad him imprinted, and I would love to see how that works out, she's totally got to choose him. I hope we see more of him in the next book, but I don't know if we will.
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Post by La Push<3 »

Yeah Quil's imprinting was my favorite. Talk about a built-in babysitter.

I wonder if her parents know Quil is a werewolf who imprinted on their daughter?
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Post by .n.a.y.a.z. »

quil is just the kind of person who's company i would enjoy. he's fun and laid back, and HE IMPRINTED ON A TWO-YEAR-OLD!!

oh my god i nearly died of laughing when i got to that part in the book. it was just so funny.

and i just loved the way he's the only guy who doesn't mind being a werewolf. when bella saw him earlier he was so afraid of being next. and after it happens he's all, 'its so cool!' so, yeah.

i like him. :D
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