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I like Aro but he seems kind of irritating, if u stayed around him too much i feel kind of bad for saying but it must suck having to be around him 24/7, he seems to laugh A LOT!
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Aro scares me. I mean his personality seems like he accpets the Cullens but I think he really despises them. He's too nice.

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I was just re-reading New Moon again, and I came across something he said that I hadn't noticed before: (in regards to Carlisle) " I am surprised by how it ... pleases me, his success in this unorthodox path he's chosen. I expected that he would waste, weaken with time. I'd scoffed at his plan to find others who would share his peculiar vision. Yet, somehow, I'm happy to be wrong."

Perhaps I had noticed this statement before, but didn't think about what it could mean. Do you think it's in anyway possible that the Volturi would break up? Aro seemed incredibly delighted that Carlisle's lifestyle actually works. Could he possibly be willing to try it himself?

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aro seems slightly power hungry, and im also hoping to see why he isnt extrodinarly beutiful like the other vampires! is it something to do with his age?
oh, and freekin team jane! hope she finds a nice vampire boy thats not quite as hot as edward, but pretty freekin close!

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I was curious about Aro's looks too. I like Aro....I don't want to be on his team or anything.....but he's cool. He's got the toughest army in da world! I also like how some of the Volturi have darker skin than the vampires we've met thus far! Add some culture there Stephenie! Plus it's kind of intresting.

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I think Aro is awesome!I love how he's so cheery but he can be evil. :wink: You dont have to be mellow to be smart and evil.Hes a different type of person,but I didnt know I was so alone in this appreciation of him.If there are more people with me than awesome. :D Aro is just more of an interesting character.He's not your average antagonist. :wink:
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Ohh--that was a good way of puttin' it!! Aro's not your average Evil Dude!!! That's what I think lots of people were trying to say. That their not really on his side, but that does mean he can't be loved too.

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Aro didn't creep me out at all. He was so enthusiastic, it was almost funny. I don't know if he is just acting all that out, and his personality is much different, but he was pretty interesting...

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aro is kindof creepy, but he makes me laugh at the same time, if that makes sense....

[small voice] does it? :P

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Yes it makes sence. But I don't find him creepy at all. He is one of my favorite characters.
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