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Onlyhuman1 wrote:
rgfawkes wrote:Esme to me is the mother hen of all. What intrigues me about Esme is that she immediately fell in love with Carlisle when she was sixteen and never forgot him. I would just love to see what was said between them when she was younger and they first met that made her be so attracted to him.
:D i would love to know that, too! i mean, hes not someone you'd exactly forget, though.....
Esme has one of my favorite character in the book since the beginning. Which is why I'm dissapointed that she doesn't seem to be given that big of a role in the books. I would love to read more about Esme in BD and of course her courtship with Carlisle. But I don't think there's enough pages in BD to fit it (cause there's the wedding and the volturi and so on)
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Esme's story would be something I'd love to read. She's such a compelling character, even when only briefly mentioned on the page.

I hope there is more of her in Breaking Dawn.

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I think I relate the most to Esme. I myself am VERY motherly. I also really hope there is a little bit more Esme action in BD! I think that she will VERY scary if someone tries to mess with her family. She has got to be like a mama bear with someone between her and her cubs.... like i said scary! hehe...

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I think (and hope) that we will hear more about Esne in Breaking Dawn.

I mean, we have heard everyone of the vampires' human lives apart from Esme and Emmett so maybe we will finally get to hear those!

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i love Esme. She's so commited to her family and loving. I would like to see more of her, too, but there aren't enough pages to fit her story. We know the basics of it, at least. I really hope she's involved in BD's plot.

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I love Esme and how caring she is. I love she accepted Bella so quickly and how she just wanted to see Edward happy. I do wish we could see more of her though.
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I have a question regarding Esme and Edward...

In twilight on page 368 Esme says:
"i've always thought of him that way, even though he's older than i , in one way at least".

Please tell me if im missing something but wasnt Esme born before Edward? or was she referring to somthing else?


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does anyone here know what esme's surname was before she became a cullen? and what her husband's name is? :shock:


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Edward_Addict wrote:does anyone here know what esme's surname was before she became a cullen? and what her husband's name is? :shock:
You can check the Character profiles in the Personal Correspondence. :D
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esme's so adorable. she loves her children, and she loves carlisle. she reminds me of someone like and older sister you can trust
oh, and freekin team jane! hope she finds a nice vampire boy thats not quite as hot as edward, but pretty freekin close!

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