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The place to discuss Eleazar.
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Eleazar is a man. He and Carmen (his true love) are both Spanish, only three to four hundred years old, and they joined the succubus sisters later on. Eleazar has quite a history, which, right now, only shows up in Forever Dawn.
Lucky Lucky Emily to have a sister Stephenie who gifted her the insight to all these imaginary friends, while the rest of us can only speculate. I wonder what it's like to be the man amoungst these powerful ruling ladies?

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whos eleazar? i never heard of him.

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Me too. But I'm pretty sure i've heard the name Carmen somewhere in the series but I couldn't really pinpoint what her role in the book is.
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*waiting for my edward* wrote:whos eleazar? i never heard of him.
He's mentioned in Eclipse page 306
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He's mentioned in Eclipse page 306
Really? wow. I think I totally skipped through that part then. Thanks for letting us know.
I'm going to check it out!

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Wow, this is...well it's about what I expected. There's not really much to talk about at this point. I definatly think we'll know more about Deneli (Spelling help me?) in the next couple of books.

Yes! I agree what must it be like to be the only male in the coven?

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I was cruzing around Myspace when I came across charactes mentioned that I had never heard of before said to have a close relationship with E&B. They are Cin and Max. They claim to be vampires and close friends with Eleazer and Carmen. Does anyone else know anything about them?

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Eleeeeazer! I like him already for some reason, He just seems like a cool guy... with a cool name.

I hope we get to see some of his history in Breaking Dawn, that would be nice. I wish we culd read Forever DAWN! But nfrtunately, I doubt Stephenie would release it to the public, Though I'd love to read it.

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