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The place to discuss Irina
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Post by Seraphyn »

Personally I found it interesting that Irina was the one who wanted revenge against the pack for Laurent's death when Laurent only ever mentioned Tanya in New Moon.

I'm wondering what the dynamic there was that got Irina so attached to Laurent when it obviously wasn't a equal affection.
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Post by Sansa »

I'm interested in Denali Coven. It looks like they will cause problems in Breaking Dawn, especially Irina, wanting revenge. I can see they don't want Bella with Edward, or try to split up the two of them.
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Post by Isabella Cullen »

I'm still speechless at the fact that Irina sided with Laurent!!!! I know she obviously had affections for him, but to go against the pack, which was indirectly going against Carlisle just seems completely preposterous!

I will need quite a decent explanation of her rationalization in the fourth book. It's still mind boggling.
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Post by letyoudown »

Oh, I really do think this whole Irina-Laurent business will rear it's ugly head in the fourth book. It can't be good for the Denali coven and the Cullen Family to be so broken up over something. I think that they won't be able to reconcile - not Irina, anyway - because of Bella. And, I think that Irina (and perhaps Tanya) will be jealous that Bella is with Edward now.

I can just imagine a whole slew of issues stemming from Laurent and Irina. Grr!
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Post by Sophie River »

How could she fall for Laurent?! She could have done way better with anyone else.
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Post by Klutzy_albino »

grrr... Irina Laurent was a bad man.
I think that It was a little strange, that The ENTIRE clan at Denali were going along with Irina....I would think their bond with the Cullens would be stronger than that built in such a short time with Laurent.
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Post by sporty502 »

Well look at it this way. Irinas been alone for over a thousand years. Edward has only (and i use only lightly) been alone 100 and look what he did when he lost Bella. So I guess i can see her point, because Laurnet was kind of trying to be good but he slipped up but still thats no excuse for what any of them did. Laurent is nessecarily a bad guy but hes not good. Irina had some understable feeling but that no excuse for the rest of the coven to go along with it
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Post by evermoreimmortal »

I can kind of understand her point: I mean, look. The wolves killed the love of So, to fight side-by-side with them would be a bit hard. But still, to go against Carlisle, and to put her friends in possible danger like that....I was a tad speechless and sad, because I really wanted to meet the Denali Coven. Heck, maybe in Breaking Dawn. Another reason to suffer while waiting for the fourth installment...*sigh*.
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I just hope Jake doesn't run into Irina. The vampires didn't do anything to Laurent...
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