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It was Jared.

That's a good idea - I bet Emily did want to give Leah the choice.
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Thanks for the correction. I was in a hurry, and didn't check.
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I love Emily. Though it must be awkward to be around Leah now. I think it's great how she can be so close to Sam and how she doesn't care what happens to her she just wants to be with Sam. :)
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Post by pale.carmine »

i think that they have a really sweet relationship. it's so cute how bella thinks that they're similar to her and edward.
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Post by vampgirl9 »

I love emily i find her really understanding and nice. Shes going to marry a werewolf for jess sakes. Anyone besides Bella would be freaking out. Emily i think is a great character someone whos just genuinly nice and a normal person..besides dating a werewolf.. a great book always needs someone like that.
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Post by Laurensgreenw/NV »

Yeah, it is terrible how guilty Sam feels....but it adds another layer of totally hot! Sam and Emily are one of the most cutest couples EVEA'! I wonder if there is a vampire with healing abilities, ya know for Emily's scar? It's pretty far fetched....but I can't help being errant.
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Post by leahfellinlovwithtwilight »

even though she and sam are terribly perfect for each other, i cant even think of how she could do that to leah.
oh, and freekin team jane! hope she finds a nice vampire boy thats not quite as hot as edward, but pretty freekin close!

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Post by Laurensgreenw/NV »

You have to remember: Emily couldn't help it....its hard to resist that level of adoration and commitment. Remember it was hard at first for Emily to say yes to Sam, beacuse he was supposed to be with Leah and all. But then when he accidenally hurt her she was the one comforting him. She can't help being in love with him. It seems like she tried though. Sam wasn't goning to love anyone but Emily for longer than forever, and ditto for her....they should be together.
What other option was there for them: Sam dating Leah while being in love with her cousin? That's even less fair than that what did happen.
And its not like Sam and Eily are rubbing their relationship in Leah's face or anything. They obvisouly feel awful about it.
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Post by holding.out.for.jacob »

i agree. the situation is a shame, it's terrible, it's heartbreaking, it's so so sad. but it's no one's fault. no one is wrong. it's just sad.

i love emily. she's so sweet. she just, to me, radiates motherliness and kindness and just wonderfulness. she and sam are the most simple - not stupid, but pure sort of - couple, and i love that. she seems to be able to deal with her emotions and events and stuff really well. and i just love her.

she also reminds me of esme.

and, somewhere back in the WAY beginning of the thread, someone said about her being hostile towards bella?? when was that??

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The only thing I could find in New Moon that might qualify as Emily being unfriendly to Bella happened just as they met, and didn't last long.
... she turned to face us full on, a smile on half of her face. ...
"Oh," Emily said, surprised. "Who's this?"
I looked up, trying to focus on the left half of her face.
"Bella Swan," Jared told her, shrugging. Apparently, I'd been a topic of conversation before. "Who else?"
"Leave it to Jacob to find a way around," Emily murmured. She stared at me, and neither half of her once-beautiful face was freindly. "So, you're the vampire girl."
I stiffened. "Yes. Are you the wolf girl?"
She laughed, as did Embry and Jared. The left half of her face warmed. "I guess I am." ...
I think Emily was always welcoming to Bella after that.
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