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Post by edwardaddicted93 »

I felt really bad for Riley. Poor guy, I wish he hadn't believed her. When I read that part it made me hate Victoria even more.

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Post by haaleey »

<center> I really liked Riley
<center> I could tell that as a human he'd been a good person
<center> Very loyal, that was very clear
<center> He put a lot of faith in Victoria and in the end it was his trust for her that destroyed him

<center> I wish SM had kept him alive
<center> There was definitly room for character development with him
<center> And it's kind of disappointing we'll never get to hear his story
<center> He was just a sad little pawn to Victoria
<center> And he didn't deserve to die that way

<center> Too bad he didn't just listen to Edward...
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Post by Aros_girl »

Poor, poor Riley. He was so used. If he had listiend to Edward he might still be alive. As a human he was more or likly sweet and loving. Darn Victoria always messing with people.
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Post by leahfellinlovwithtwilight »

i was rather wishing that riley would turn away from victoria. he seemed decent enough if he could like, get over victoria. i mean, he must have asked her why she had a vendetta against a human, and it had something to do with james! could he not resist the pull of an older woman???
oh, and freekin team jane! hope she finds a nice vampire boy thats not quite as hot as edward, but pretty freekin close!

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Post by emilycullenx »

CULLENgirlKAY wrote:sigh...
he was so used
the book might have been different if he had actually listened to edward and believe what he was telling him
can you picture riley joining the cullens???
AWWWW; that would have been lovely!
Speaking in a sense that he never turned on them, which could be very possible... hmm.
I completely fell for Riley at the start; Stephenie just makes him sound so innocent and adorable, even though he was on Victoria's side, I don't really think he knew how to think for himself. Victoria had gotten under his skin, and from there, he lost himself.
It would have been nice if Riley would have listened to Edward long enough to break his loyalty to Victoria, since she just let him die, anyway; how horrible!
I don't believe Riley was a bad apple, I believe he was corrupted, and didn't know there was any other way to live; he only knew what Victoria allowed him to know.
It's sad that she lured him in like that, just to be the bait, basically. Because compared to the Cullens, Riley didn't have much of a chance, at all...
I feel so sorry for Riley, he was quite easy to connect with.
I'd love to learn more about him, too, and his human life; I'm sure it's very interesting.
I thought I was like, the only one who was so intrigued by him; I'm glad to know I'm not! (:
Yey Riley fan base.

On a side note... I was actually going to name my kitty Riley, and have her middle name be Victoria, but she was already named by her adoption center. xD
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Post by pale.carmine »

wow...both riley AND bree could have crossed sides. so sad that they never really did.
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Post by emmett_<3 »

I feel bad for Riley. He was stupid to believe Victoria and never had a chance. Stupid, stupid vampire. :]
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Post by pale.carmine »

lol yeah...thank god edward dismembered her.
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I feel bad

Post by vampgirl9 »

i did feel bad for Riley... it wasnt really his fault that he got in with the wrong croud. I mean who else could explain what was happening to him? so the first person that could their was imediate trust. too bad he didnt find someone else.
But i did hate hm when he tried to kill Edward and Bella... who could blame me?
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Post by Hereandthere »

I feel pretty bad for Riley as well. He was obviously manipulated by Victoria thinking that she loved him when obviously she did not. And even though he was on the "bad side" when attacking Edward and Seth during that battle, I couldn't help but feel sorry for him when his limbs starting flying off and he had no idea what was going on. He was obviously never told anything about the sort of life he had now. Poor guy...
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