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Riley and Bree are two of my favorite minors. It's so sad what happened to them.
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what scares me is the amount of power Victoria had on be able to COMPLETELY manipulate him.... but that does seem to be the grip of a pretty face, even in our society...

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I do feel bad for Riley in a sense but in my own opinion, someone can't completely manipulate your mind unless Victoria had that power which I'm pretty sure she didn't. Victoria probably promised him a better life that was carefee, fun, and a life with her because she lied to him saying she did love him. But then again, when someone is suspicious and lying to me, I always get a gut feeling usually and I listen to it. If victoria did change him, then he should of listened to his conscious and his gut telling him that this girl is bad news. I can't argue this topic anymore really because I think we need to know if Riley was changed by Victoria or if Riley was found and or given to Victoria...

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Did any one ever think that Riley might have been one more way for Victoria to take revenge? I just thought of this. She is a very revenge centered person. Her revenge for Edward killing James is too kill Bella? What if, the only way she feels she can get revenge against James, for not really caring, is to do the same for someone else? Trick them into loving her when she has no feelings for them.

Having said that, I pity Riley, he was changed into a vampire, and then tricked into love by someone. He must have truly loved her, because he must have know that what he was doing was wrong, but he did it anyway. He seems like a good kid. It must take true love to do that. Remember when Bella was thinking about what she would have done if Edward killed good people, and she said she'd love him anyway? It's the same thing. Riley was just trying to get along in the vampire world with the woman he loved, and it was a pity that she didn't love him back.
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I agree with most of these previous posts about Victoria screwing Riley over. She lied and told him she loved him but in the end before Seth and Edward pulverized the two of them, I'm glad Edward told Riley she lied and Victoria used him to avenge her James.

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italiaace3 wrote:I think we need to know if Riley was changed by Victoria or if Riley was found and or given to Victoria...
Stephenie said Victoria changed Riley. I don't think Victoria betrayed Riley in revenge because she was betrayed. For one thing, Victoria didn't know James was indifferent to her until Edward told her so during their fight. She changed Riley and used him as a tool to achieve her diabolical purposes.

It is rather ironic though, that both she and Riley bestowed love where it was not really appreciated. I'm interested in how Riley felt after he was changed. This was not some youngster on his death bed; his life was stolen by Victoria. Did he remember his human life at all, or was it totally overshadowed by his newborn lust for blood?

I would think that if he had any memories of his human existence, he would have resented Victoria, not fallen for her--for her lies or for her false "love." I keep remembering Jasper's explanation of vampire relationships that revolve around battle ... how they often sour as time passes. Too bad Riley didn't understand there was a choice of life styles.
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he was so used
the book might have been different if he had actually listened to edward and believe what he was telling him
can you picture riley joining the cullens???
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Poor Riley, I feel bad for him. Fooled by Victoria in the way he was. So eager too. Then when Edward told him that every touch and promise was a lie. It was heartbreaking. So minor but it did the deal.
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I cryed for Riley. I really did. At first I was all like 'Oh, hes gunna go with Edward. Thats going to be really cool! Riley Cullen, sort of has a ring to it.' But demented Victoria brainwashed him too much, it was too late for little Riley. He thought he was loved, but he was just a tool. *sigh* I still cant read those pages without my throat getting all tight.
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I felt sorry for Riley. He was obviously very deeply minipulated by victoria.
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