Seth Clearwater

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Seth Clearwater

Post by PEL »

This is the place to discuss all things Seth

Post by Rosalie »

I ADORED Seth in Eclipse, though I already liked him in New Moon. He's probably one of the few (possibly only) werewolves I like. I loved when he and Edward pounded fists after defeating Victoria and Riley. Definite 'lol' moment for me.
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Post by ouisa »

I liked Bella's description of Seth as the younger happier Jake.
I loved the interaction with Edward. They were great together. When he yells out "GO SETH!" aw!

I found it so very ironic and funny that on GMA this morning Stephenie said that her 1st son Gabe is the werewolf and her second son, Seth is the vampire.

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Post by CasaK »

Yes I also liked the Edward/Seth version of a high five, I figure Seth must be pretty clever, or have good instincts, to be able to take out Riley by himself, by playing possum, something that lots of the older werewolves couldn't do.
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Post by breaking_dawn »

AWWW Seth sounded soooo cute in new moon and eclipse!! The real scene that won me over was the fight scene against Victoria. How cute it was that Edward was willing to fight Victoria alone so he wouldn't get hurt but then Seth came back all brave!! He is DEFINITELY my favorite werewolf.
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Post by iceprincess263 »

I was like flipping out during the fighting scene. I was like don't get hurt. He's someone I would love to have as a little brother.
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Post by sporty502 »

Oh man Seth really came through in this book.

I didnt think that he was a werewolf yet at the tribal fire thing, but I thought that he would be one soon so they were just letting him know before hand.

But the fight scene in the clearing. EXCELLENT. Seth is a really good fighter considering how young he his feigning and all I think Ive found a new favorite secondary character (besides Angela)
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Post by Blood Red Apple »

Seth is definitely my favorite werewolf. The fight with Edward&Seth vs. Victoria&Riley did it for me. Actually, before then when he was watching over B/E. He doesn't seem as prejudice as the other werewolfs. I think it has to do with him becoming one around the time the truce was coming.
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Post by Isabella Cullen »

I couldn't believe that he'd actually phased into a werewolf! But once the initial shock wore off, I found that he was quite an amazing character. Even though he's been minor all this time, he still teamed up with Edward to protect Bella from Victoria and Riley.
I was very proud of him after his very first battle with a "bloodsucker."
I also thought the interaction between Edward and Seth was great. "Go, Seth". :)
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Post by Rosalie »

Did anyone else think there was a possibility of Seth dying in the fight against Riley? I was like, maybe Stephenie would kill off a secondary character, since it doesn't seem like she would kill off a main one. I got really nervous during the fight, constantly wondering if he'd pull through. The whole time I was chanting, 'any werewolf but Seth, any werewolf but Seth!' haha
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