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Post by Bella_S_Black »

we will now never know how she'd have turned out as a cullen. The volturi have destroyed her. for good
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Post by PinkTutus »

yeah, i wish we could have known how she would turn out as a cullen.. but hey, maybe alice knows. the volturi may be a little err not nice for killing her, but imagine all the probs she would pose for the cullens for awhile. i mean, she would never get to be near bella till she was changed. huh. i wonder wat her previous life was like..?? ♥

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Post by TouchGirl »

i felt so sorry for bree when aro and jayne killed her. she seemed to have a lot of potential as a cullen :(

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Post by Sarah&Edward »

Well she was one out of like, 25 that was willing to give up human blood. Yet, I think if I just saw 7 mature vampires rip up 20 newborns to shreds, I might ponder my ways. Hmmmmmm...... not that I would really mind being a Cullen... :wink:
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Post by leahfellinlovwithtwilight »

i actually really thought when i first read that part of the chapter
that bree might actually be another addition to the cullen coven.
aside from wanting to tear bella apart, she seemed decent. but i also dont understand why the volturi had to get rid of her!!!???
what rules did she break? she didnt necessarily expose their
existence did she? i kind of liked her!
does anyone know WHY they had to get rid of her?
oh, and freekin team jane! hope she finds a nice vampire boy thats not quite as hot as edward, but pretty freekin close!

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Post by Toasty1089 »

I liked Bree, && I was mad when she died ( && I cried too). Carlisle did the right thing trying to save her. She really did nothing wrong, it was not her fault she was turned into a vampire. the Volturi was stupid to kill her. && it would show Bella what it would be like as a newborn. But on the other hand, the Cullens are already big 'nuff, and with Bella coming it would just make it bigger. && the Cullens would have to look after 2 newborns when Bella comes, so i dont know.
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