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The place to discuss the vampire Bree, AKA Brianna.

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I thought Bree was very vulnerable. It was a pity that the Volturri had to dispose of her. (They did didn't they?) It would've been interesting to see a new addition to the Cullens, yet kind of annoying. xD

Yeah, I'm weird. lol

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Red_Ink wrote:I thought Bree was very vulnerable. It was a pity that the Volturri had to dispose of her. (They did didn't they?) It would've been interesting to see a new addition to the Cullens, yet kind of annoying. xD

Yeah, I'm weird. lol

The Volturri killed her, right?


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juliaF wrote:The Volturri killed her, right?
Yes, they did. For a moment I thought there was going to be another Cullen, though, believe it or not. But I guess that would just throw the numbers into imbalance once Bella was finally turned. And I think it was a demonstration proving that the Volturi do carry out their orders, unlike what happened with Bella, Edward, and Alice in New Moon. Served a bit as a shocking wake-up call, methinks.

I know this is probably a silly question, but was Eclipse!Bree named after Lex!Bree?

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Well if you think about how the Volturri,sp?, were already threatened by 7, soon to be 8, Cullens the odds that they would hand the Cullens a new ally is very low.

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I thought it could have been good for Bella to have another young vampire around after she changed. Pretty much for the reason so she could see that she isn't as weak as she thought because Bella is going into this with the intent that she will resist human blood at all costs and if there were some else young there then she can see that it is harder to drink human blood and go then to animals than to start out drinking animals. Did that make sense?
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It was a pity Bree had been brought in from Victoria, she was so young. But when Carlisle offered for her to spared, I cringed.At first I thought, of course dear, sweet Carlisle didn't want to kill her, he's so good, but.... I would have been slightly annoyed with another add to our awesome Cullen family (Bella included). Our Cullen family is perfect the way it is. Everyone has a mate, and they love each other dearly...
So I was relieved when Jane gave the order.

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She was annoying, orto me at least. It semedlike she didn't want to get the fact that theydon't drink human blood, and that they should've taken Bella down when they had a chance.

I didn't neccessarily like the fact she got killed, but I'm not trying to prove her case.

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I was intrigued by Bree the vampire who sought for mercy at the end. I oftern wonder why Carlisle didn't press the issue to keep Bree alive, I was even more shocked when Edward became the advocate to protect her from the Volturri.

Bree was a wonderful tool to look at the thoughts and actions of a new vampire. I think it's a taste of what Bella will experience and gave Bella the opportunity to see the consequence of her choice up close.

To be honest I thought Bree was going to be the new vampire that was mentioned in the first chapter, I should have known Stephenie was too crafty to be that obvious.

Where is Brianna to talk about her thoughts and feelings of this character? Did she get any say in the development of Bree or did Stephenie surprise her like she did the rest of us?

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I don't know, at first i didn't like her aggression towards Bella and the Cullens, but then later i felt sorry for her because she wasn't taught self control and was tricked into immortality.
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