Discussion on the various characters throughout the books.
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paul is my favorite werewolf. :) he needs anger management but thats okay, i think i do too! lol :P
i know alot of roleplayers use ed westwick for paul, is he going to actually be playing him in the movie? that would be great, i love ed and i think he'd do a good job :)
but i think theres a reason for pauls anger something must've happened to him when he was younger..but as for him and leah that couldd be cute but they'd probably be fighting alll the time, so i dont know..:/
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Oh Paul, what a temper. But I have to say I love Paul.
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does anybody know what paul's surname is? :?


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Post by CamberXite »

Edward_Addict wrote:does anybody know what paul's surname is? :?
LoL, yet again, you can search for the answer in the Character Profiles in the Personal Correspondence :D
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Post by RunsWithWolves »

Yes, Paul is famous for his temper. But I like him :) Perhaps Jacob should teach him a bit on control...Cause we all know Jacobs fabulous at it :D
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Post by kvampireloverr »

paul is such an angry kid.
him and bella should pair up for yoga classes
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Post by bella is my hero »

paul is a hotthead.he needs to either imprint or find a girl who can tame the dog that he is....literally.but i mean that in a very good way. :)
pauls match would not be leah.that girl is so much of a smart-aleck that even jake can barley stand her at times.hed do good with someone thats quiet but yet can chew him out for his anger.
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