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Post by nothingdoing »

Yeah, Alec's power is apparentley one reason the Volturri is pretty much invincible :shock:
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Post by Aros_girl »

Yep but when you have Jane and Alec together it just makes the guard more powerful.
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alec's power

Post by twilightfan90 »

maybe since one of the characters (i forget which one) can make someone think that they love another person, maybe alec can inspire hate into someone else. heaven forbid, make alice hate jasper or edward hate bella.

that'd be good in battle.

what 'witch thing' are you talking about that influenced jane's power?

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But then somewhere/sometime in the twilight universe. Stephenie said that Alec's power is what helps the Volturi stay so hidden.
or something like that

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really? hmmmmmmmm. maybe he can make them invisible! or like make it so other vampires/mythical creatures can't smell them or something. i don't know.

the witch thing was that jane and alec were burned alive because they were accused of being witches (i think that's the story anyways)
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Post by blackskies »

yeah- Jane and Alec being punished for their 'magical' displays.

But if both children had shown these abilities while being human, BEFORE being burned alive, imagine how much worse their powers ended up becoming. Aro knew that they'd both be talented- and maybe their powers became much more potent after being burned, right before being saved.

So... I think Alec's power is truly horrific. The Volturi is on top for a reason, and they keep Alec for a reason. He wins battles.
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Post by Aros_girl »

I don't think it is horrfic. But I will agree that he is one of the most powerful vamps. He is the top dog in the guard, the reason they are invesible. SO his powers must have be magnified 10 times or more.
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Post by The Brunette he Prefers »

[/quote]what if alec could cause physcial distruction without the mind regristering the pain? like, kind of the opsite of jane's "talent". i mean whoever he did it to could be dead with out even realizing they were dieing.[/quote]

Thats a great theory!! I was really wondering what his power might be, and thats the best guess Ive heard of yet!! I really think that could be what Stephenie might have written. It would be soo awesome if you were right... I could claim that I have some sort of connection to the person who had a true theory.... Sorry, I tend to get excited over the most random things...

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Post by CamberXite »

TeamEdward:D wrote:Wasn't Janes power influenced by the big witch thing?
Yep :D
Alecs power is more greater than hers in battle though.
I can't wait to find out what it is! D:
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Post by jacob'sleah »

I was just wondering what Alec's talent it. He seems to be just a menecing as Jane but we never find out what his talent is.
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