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How did you discover Muse?

Stephenie Led me right to the wonderful thing that is Muse.
I was a Muse Fan before Muse even knew he was a musician.
I loved Muse from the womb.
Muse who?
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Post by chica_chilena »

Am I the only one who has started to listen to Muse after reading twilight?

Love the song "Time is running out"!
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Post by Soraya »

Well, I had listened to Muse awhile before Twilight because a friend got me hooked, but that fact that Stephenie Meyer listens to them made me like them that much more, lol.
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Post by Forevertopaz17 »

Ever since I heard "Time is Running Out" by Muse, I've been absolutely hooked. I also like the ones on the New Moon playlist:

"Sing for Absolution"
"Apocolypse Please"
"Hyper Music"

I love the topics of the songs and the instrumentals! Glad someone else loves them too! :wink:
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Post by Twilight-Moon »

I never heard of them until Twilight. ^^ I love them now.
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Post by Forsaken »

I don't really listen to them
I mean, I sort of do, and did before twilight, but not enough to really know anything about them
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Post by Never_Ending_Silence »

I'd listened to them before I read the book, but although they were good, they didn't interest me enough to pay a lot attention. But once I read the book, that's when I really listened to them and realized how amazing they were.
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Post by petuniagirl15 »

I have loved Muse for over a year now.........

ALL of their stuff is AMAZING. I would love to see them live, but have never had the opportunity. And finding out that Stephenie was a huge fan of theirs as was realllly cool.

Wow. Enough of my girly blabbing.

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Post by Kizmet »

I first heard of Muse when an organization I support called Invisible Children used Knights of Cydonia in the background of one of their videos. I got hooked on that particular song right away, but I didn't really think of investigating any other songs. Then this guy I know saw that I had put them in the music section of my facebook and randomly decided to lend me one of his Muse CDs for my birthday (which was really nice of him considering he doesn't actually know me that well and for all he knew I'd lose it or break it or something). I didn't really like it at first but then I decided to give it a try since Stephenie likes them and now I love them (though I still only have the one album). Kind of like Bella and Linkin Park.
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Post by Arinya Tingilya »

I came to Muse because of the playlist of New Moon....I absolutely LOVE them!!! Time is running out and Endlessly are my favourites, I think Endlessly fits really good for Jacobs point of view...
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Post by Verdande »

Before Twilight I only listen to Unintended before Twilight. But after Twilight I downloaded more of their songs...
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