Brunettes vs. Blondes

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So, what are you: brunette or blonde?

Total votes: 366

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Post by daniiidarko »

my hair is various shades of Brunette.
Edward likes Brunettes better :]
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Post by ethereal_eternity »

black hair!

and it's never been dyed or chemicalized or anything. people say i have virgin hair lol. if i dyed my hair chances are i wouldnt recognize myself in the mirror ;( hehe XD

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Post by Pixelated_Ghostie »

Natural brunette with no plans of changing. I might try putting red streaks in it one day, but I like my brown hair. Very much so!
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Post by irunwithvampires »

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Post by irunwithvampires »

Natural brunette. I got light highlights a while back, but it's almost all gone. You can only see if it if you look real close, and in the sun. (Just like Bella has red hair in the sun!)

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Post by LoveSpell_XO »

my hair is insanely crazy. i have dark brown hair with CRAZY curls. seriously you should see them. they are crazy. haha.
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Post by Puzzie219 »

Hmmm...I'm not quite sure what color my hair is. It's light brown and is really big and curly. But sometimes it looks blonde, especially during the summer or when I straighten my hair. I was always blonde until middle school, then it got darker. I guess I'll vote brunette though. :D

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Post by scriptique »

Born with jet-black hair, then as I grew older it became very very dark brown that turns to brown in the sun. I'm Asian, but I probably got that freak-of-nature-hair from my Spanish greatx10 grandparents.

It's now dyed brown. I WANT red hair though. I think red-heads are very very beautiful! :)

And I also think that blondes do have more fun. Most of my blonde friends do get more attention than us brunettes.
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Post by Sprtygal »

Blonde at birth, Brunette by high school (all though blonde by choice)
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Post by CarlisleCullen »

Hey! Redhead here! :D

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