Brunettes vs. Blondes

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So, what are you: brunette or blonde?

Total votes: 366

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Brunettes vs. Blondes

Post by Felicia »

So, what are you: brunette or blonde? Black hair is brunette and red hair can be either. =)

I'm a brunette and have been for fourteen years. =D
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~Delilah Rose~
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Post by ~Delilah Rose~ »

I was a bright blonde, curly ringlet baby, but now that I'm getting older, I am slowly but surely darkening. Currently, it's a light mahogany color. My hairs still curly, though, just not ringlet curls. I've always wanted dark hair! Dark brown, but noticeably not black. It always sounded so romantic! *le sigh*
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Post by Chaos »

Red-head... kind of. It's originally a dark ash brown but now it's more auburn.

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Brunette or Blond

Post by Twilightfanatic »

That's funny. Most of us on here (all posting) are brunettes. This includes me.

Now, what does that tell you? JK.

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Post by Red_Ink »

dark brown hair, it looks black. and i like it that way. but dark purple highlights would accent my hair nicely...*goes off to la la land*

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Post by bbbailey »

I have long, dark brown hair. I like being brunette; people take me more seriously.
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Post by blueray1 »

i'm a brunette and have been my whole life.
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Post by Klaxons »

I am currently a red head. Well, it's kind of orange, but still... I beat ALL. Haha, not really, since it's dyed, but still...I was originally a brunette, though. I just haven't been that way since grade five. :)
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Re: Brunette or Blond

Post by Ullii »

Twilightfanatic wrote:That's funny. Most of us on here (all posting) are brunettes. This includes me.

Now, what does that tell you? JK.


Hey, zip it! :P I'm dark blonde, although my natural color is more of a dirty blonde/dull light brown color. As of tomorrow, I'm going strawberry blonde. We'll see how it looks. I've never had any red before.

Lisa Marie
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Post by Lisa Marie »

Natural blonde.

Have been blonde for all fourteen years of my life.
And the whole blonde = dumb thing doesn't bother me in the slightest. :wink:

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