Your Strangest Crush.

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Post by bkl »

Marty from Back to the Future :oops:
(he's old and dead now- and he was really short, anyway)

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Post by shine_brighter »

Once upon a time... wrote:^


He terrifies me!

But then I only ever think of the films where he's been evil...The Shining and Witches of Eastwick...

He's a damn good actor though.

OOO I have a crush on Michael Palin from the early Monty Python days. Not now. He's ooolllld but back then he was cute!
LOL! Nicholson is really scary, but a great actor, as you say.

I developed my crush on him when I watched "As Good As It Gets." He's such a jerk at first, and then the sweetest guy ever. He gives Helen Hunt's character probably the best compliment I've ever heard: "You make me want to be a better man."
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Post by grizzlies_galore »

jack n. was hot stuff in the olden days...

i like(d) Harold, from Harold and Kumar go to white castle... :lol:
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Post by SageMoon »

Some of my strangest crushes have been...

Link (Legend of Zelda)
Mr Darcy (Pride & Prejadice)
Edward and Emmett (of course)
Legolas (LOTR)
The Jonas brothers (for their hair)
Capt. Jack Sparrow
Hugh Jackman (as wolverine)
Jared Leto
Hugh Laurie
Keanu Reeves
Denzel Washington
Slash (GNR) ...just something about him

and then there was this one guy I knew that was a family friend, but he was one of my dad's friends (yea...) I like older guys and guys with accents lol
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Post by ashFLASH »

I had a thing for Johnathan Taylor Thomas, as a kid.
Then again, who didn't?
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Post by Crooked_Rose »

*Look at icon*

I had the biggest crush on the guy who played Emmett in the musical version...

so cute!
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Post by jaspercookie »

Steve Carrell.

Not even kidding... I don't really know why; must be how funny he is or something.
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Post by saraface »

the one dude from titan AE :shock: marth from fire emblem and link from ocarina of time :oops:

ah aha none of them are real 8)

edit: patrick from that one movie Saved! ooer
Con the vampire from "sunshine"
howl from howls moving castle
and that guy from august rush :oops:
okay okay im done now
i hopelessly rooting for jacob

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Post by leopardgirl314 »

jaspercookie wrote:Steve Carrell.

Not even kidding... I don't really know why; must be how funny he is or something.
I love Steve Carrell. And Jim, of course :D

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Post by Susie »

I loved Mr. darcy!!

Umm... Joe Jonas! That was a weird one...
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