What animals do you have?

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What animals do you have?

Post by rockNturtle »

Hey everyone just curious if anyone owns any pets out there? I currently have 5 turtles, and love them all to death. :D

This is a pic. of my newest baby!

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Post by Drop In The Ocean »

Aww. what a cute little turtle!!!! I have no pets as my little sister is absolutely terrified of animals of all kinds.
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Violet Twilight
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Post by Violet Twilight »

awww... what a cute turtle! *squeal* Let's see as for pets, I currnetly have two parakeets. I'd take pictures of them but they're currently parents. I used to have a minuature schnauzer, but my sister was allergic to dear Sophie so yeah. I don't have any sort of aquatic pets because they die within the week. I wish I had a cat though. My dear old cat, Midnight, died last summer. *cries a little* HE was old.
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Post by Renna »

3 cats and a dog *hugs Violet Twilight* Im sorry about your kitty
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Post by Alda Rethe »

I love my two pets. I've got an old (like grey-cat-hair old), chubby main coon cat. She's real docile and loves being petted, but loaths my other pet, a black airedale terrier names Eli. He's eighteen months old but he's HUGE and only listens to orders half of the time. But he's oh-so adorable. Sadly I've got no digital pictures of either.

I'm sorry about Midnight, Violet Twilight! :( It must've been hard.
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Post by PinkPixie »

I have a 15 year old Cat, named Precious, that doesn't think she's a princess, she knows it. A 2 year old cat named Bob, he has a habit of falling off things and not landing in his feet, or running into walls, at full speed. And then there is Tiny, the rat with Fur dog, she's a pom thats very over wieght, and has sezers (sp no idea). oh and we think our dog is gay, she bites every boyfriend we try and find her, then well every girl dog she's seen....well i'll let your mind work that one out....
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Re: What animals do you have?

Post by basements »

rockNturtle wrote:Hey everyone just curious if anyone owns any pets out there? I currently have 5 turtles, and love them all to death. :D

This is a pic. of my newest baby!


Aww, adorable.
I have a cat.
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Post by Taxi »

I have two dogs. One german-shepard Labrador mix named Miko and one Labrador Golden Retriver mix named Rozzy.

I love them to death.
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Post by Violet »

ohh, Violet Twilight, sorry 'bout your cat.

i have two dogs:

Teddy Bear [a.k.a., Teddy][female][Toy Poodle]
Scrappy [male][dunno what the heck he is, but he's a small dog..]

and two cats:

Gemini [calico]
Baby [calico]

i dunno what gender they are. lol, they're outside cats. i never checked.
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Post by twilight_zoned »

does a boyfriend count as an animal? (heheh jk!)
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