What animals do you have?

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Post by pinkisthenewfi »

ahw we have a cat up the stables thats black
shes actually called "black cat". ha ha
we have weird names for some of the animals
we have another cat called "my cat"

i also have a hamster. 5 cats. a family of hedgehogs living in the hay barn. a jack russell and a whole bunch of horses (ocean, fern, coral, abi, shadow, jessie, berti, crystal, bonnie, clover, magic, thunder, misty, milo, flicka, prairie, hugo and billy
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Post by Brynnie86 »

Wow, you have a lot of horses!! haha

I wish I had horses... :cry:
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Post by pinkisthenewfi »

Well i wish they all were mine! some are liverys (people that board there horses with us) and some are mine and some i just ride. like ocean, she is my showjumper but i dont actually own her
but i do own fern. who is a little 3 year old and has only been ridden a few times. so she is my summer project :)
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Post by Once upon a time... »

Crooked_Rose wrote:She was a stray that we started feeding.

One day she just came up to our house dragging one of her front paws behind her. We had to take her to the vet and they had to amputate it.

The vet figured that she had been hit by a car.

But after that, we officially adopted her and now she lives in the house with us.
That is so sweet! :cry: :) I used to have a black cat and he was hit by a car, had to have a metal plate put in his shoulder...it was weird, I swear you could feel a screw when you stroked him there :shock:
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Post by kvampireloverr »

i WISH i had a beautiful white husky with bright blue icy eyes.
but i've started wanting one since the RL winter men's campaign gosh they looked cute
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Post by iloveawerewolf... »

^that dog would be gorgeous!

i hope to buy a husky of my own when i get older :)
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Post by deedeedork »

My aunt had a cavachon! Its so cute!!!

http://puppydogweb.com/gallery/cavachon ... valter.jpg

It looks like that, but cuter, and a puppy.
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Post by TopazTears1527 »

I have a dog and a cat. There's also a toad that always stays on my back porch. I like to put nightcrawlers in front of him and watch him eat them. :lol:
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Post by SageMoon »

I have a black and white cat named Whiskey.
His favorite things are eating and sleeping lol.
(apparently he is overweight, go figure)

*he's bigger then that now, I just can't find a recent pic

and yes, he was named after the drink.
We're part Irish :wink:
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Post by leopardgirl314 »

Our black and white cat's name is Whiskers...lol.

We "inherited" her after my grandma passed away. She basically lives in my room, now.

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