Twilight quotes that sound dirty...but arent.

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Twilight quotes that sound dirty...but arent.

Post by Marcy »

Alright. Obviously This is PG13 thread in the spectrum of the VMT.

Post away folks. Quotes from TW and NM that sound dirty, but aren't.

"Do you mind if Jasper comes instead"

TW pb pg 437
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Post by UnicornGoddess »

Ok the classic "Do I dazzle you" comes to mind.

Imagine how dazzled you'll be when you see Edward in a speedo


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Post by Marcy »

"People are harder."

TW Pb pg 435
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Post by ECABS »

marcy, you are utterly absurd! you really need another way to up your total post count?

I can't think of any quotes...too tired...sorry...i really tried there for a second...tomorrow morning i will edit this useless post :)

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Post by Vampire Lover »

Twilight, pg. 228.

"I guess that's right. I suppose I slept just a little bit more than you did."

Twlight, pg.263-264

"Everything about me invites you in."

~kind of...
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Post by LiaChastity »

"Humor me" :twisted:
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Post by Arinya Tingilya »

I haven't my english copy here, just the german one, so I don't know the original terms and the page...But it's from the chapter "Angel":

"Better. Even better than I thought it would be."
"You can always cancel, you know."
"No, I can't."
"Perhaps you're right."

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Post by chica_chilena »

ugh... I know that there is this quote I think sounds REALLY dirty.... I just can't find it.... I'll try to find it :D
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Post by blueray1 »

alice: "i get first dibs"

jake: "who's afraid of the big bad wolf?"
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Post by SunKist »

I can belive no ones said this one yet...

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